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Yucong | simple and refreshing information theme

  • ID : YuCong
  • edition : three point seven
  • author : Yu Cong ( Author website )  Contact author
  • Official website : https://www.kehu56.com/style/yucong.html
  • system requirements : Z-BlogPHP 1.7.0 Tenet
  • Update date : 2021-05-11 14:36:56   No update for a long time
  • amount of downloads : five hundred and five
  • Rating : The average score of 15 votes was 8.8/10
  • PHP version : 5.2 and higher
  • size : 2.41MB

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3.7 add the function of closing copyright. (20210511)

3.6 delete a redundant code. (20190925)

3.5.1 changelog: delete one redundant CSS. (20190923)

3.5 changelog: add built-in SEO switch, compatible with other SEO optimization tool plug-ins.

3.4 changelog: the mobile terminal has made relatively large changes and optimized some details. (20190416)

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Must see: please ask questions and suggestions rationally. After all, the topic is not customized by you, so you may not be satisfied with some places. It is recommended to consult before purchasing.

Reminder: please back up the modified important files of [this topic] before each update, so as to avoid unnecessary loss. Please be sure to see the update record at the bottom; The topic does not have its own user center, and the topic does not call the default sidebar, If you encounter any problem, please check all the instructions on this page and help in the topic configuration.

Demo address: https://demo.kehu56.com/yucong/  

Yucong theme exclusive edition of Z-blog PHP Version (self use theme, long-term continuous update and maintenance!), Theme plug-in developed by Yu Cong, a powerful responsive theme, you are worth having.

There are no instructions for the theme, because this topic is simple with a single and practical theme configuration function, and rookies can easily use it. However, there are several notes:

1. The topic navigation uses the classification module. If you want to implement the menu drop-down function, please set the classification to nested mode.

2. If you want to realize the image display function of a certain category, please select pic list template in the list, and the image display page needs to upload the rotation chart in the theme configuration. Tag aggregation page select new page and select tags.php template.

3. The text below the logo at the bottom is the description in SEO settings.

4. Strong SEO function is built into the theme, which supports the automatic tagging of articles, the automatic addition of alt attribute to the inner chain / picture of articles, and the support of custom article / classification / tag TDK, etc;

5. Support IMAGE Thumbnail function, if you want to achieve automatic clipping function, please download and install the plug-in and enable it.

6. Support the filtering of specified categories / tags;

7. More features waiting for you to experience

3.3 ChangeLog:20190128:

Global optimization of the thumbnail display, not relying on the thumbnail plug-in can also achieve the visual effect of the thumbnail plug-in

3.2+ ChangeLog:20180116:

Optimize the display of the thumbnail, fix the width and height of the thumbnail, and ensure no deformation

3.2 ChangeLog:20170823:

1. Fix that the secondary menu of mobile terminal is not displayed;

2. Fix the default image not to be displayed in the relevant recommendation area;

3. Change the way to replace the large picture of the home page;

4. Big promotion on Chinese Valentine's day.

3.1 ChangeLog:20170719:

1. Increase Filing of articles Page;

2. Some details are optimized and adjusted;

3.0 ChangeLog:20170719:

1. Update the modular layout;
2. The theme no longer provides the function of text selection prohibition;
3. Topic navigation settings provide customization, which can be ignored by users who don't want to customize;
4. Simplify the top description of the classification list;
5. Add several switches;

3.0 +, fix the bug of thumbnail plug-in.

2.1 ChangeLog:20170625:

1. Increase the number of reading displayed in the list;

2. Add tab tag card switch (with switch) on the home page, and click demo station for details;

2.0 ChangeLog:20170530:

1. The stable version of the theme was released, and the version number 2.0 was directly updated;

2. The general rotation chart display mode of abandoned mobile terminal adopts mobile terminal top article rotation display mode;

3. Theme multi terminal interface beautification;

4. If QQ is left blank in the theme configuration, QQ will not be displayed in the foreground;

5. Text display is added to the first page of carousel;

6. If the summary is not filled in for classification, the column introduction will not be displayed on the classification page;

7. Adjust the additional content in the title of the article, add bread crumb navigation at the top of the article, and change the content of the article guide to hide by default and click to pop up;

8. Some other details are optimized. (I don't have a good memory. I forgot what it was)


1、 Add automatic ALT of article picture and automatic inner chain of text tag;

2. Add SNS switch at the end of the text, tag list / sub classification switch at the bottom of navigation, add link switch for navigation, and large map switch for home page;

3. Add slide and slide show on the home page;

4. There are various ways to get articles in the sidebar, including user-defined articles and automatic access articles;

5. Other details of optimization, bug please contact QQ.


1. Repair the dislocation of the mobile end of the upper and lower pages;

2. Add user center address after login;

3. Optimize the style of comment box;

4. Fixed two background configuration errors.


1、 Add the filtering function of list articles;

2. Add the user-defined function of the article QR code (JS / Canvas two generation methods are optional);

3. Add a separate page for labels (Topics);

4. Add top / hot / hot comments aggregation page;

5. Add customer service button and download independent page function.

6. Some other details are optimized;

7. Bug feedback, please direct demonstration station, click QQ icon contact.


1. Optimize mobile terminal navigation style.

2. Increase the compatibility of image plug-in (if the image plug-in is not installed, the custom thumbnail will be called first, the first picture of the article will be called, and if there is no image in the article, the random graph will be called).

3. Add [more] after the title in the right column, and you can customize the link in the background.

4. Add two advertising spaces: the bottom of the home page [selection guide] and the top of the title of the article page.

5. Optimize the style of the tag at the end of the article.

6. Remove the limit on the number of top articles, and users can freely control the number of top articles displayed.

7. Other details optimization.


1. Modify the content of module call tag under navigation (except for the first page)

2. Change how the logo is modified.

3. Change the way tags are called.

4. Add [related topics] in the list.


1. Fix some bugs

2. Optimize the code

3. Add several background configuration functions


1. Fix some bugs

2. Optimize the code


1. Fix some bugs

2. Optimize the code


1. Fix some bugs

2. Optimize the code

 360 screenshot 20170404113813868 (1). Jpg

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