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User Center (Versatile)

  • ID : YtUser
  • edition : 13.6.2
  • author : the tang dynasty ( Author website )
  • Official website : https://www.ytecn.com/
  • system requirements : Z-BlogPHP 1.7.3 Finch
  • Update Date : 2024-02-12 21:24:12   Updated within three months
  • amount of downloads : eighteen thousand six hundred and fifty-one
  • Scoring : The average score of 234 votes is 9.61/10
  • PHP version : 5.4 and higher
  • size : 2.23MB

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It is specially designed for the blog system and can freely develop templates ZBLOG user center plug-in.

book plug-in unit No table structure of the original database will be modified, The template style can be customized for any page used by this plug-in. Green and environment-friendly, plug-ins can be added or deleted freely.

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Function introduction:


Currently, three types of registration are supported: ordinary registration, email registration and mobile phone number registration. Only one of the three types can be selected and cannot coexist;

Third party registration currently only supports QQ one click registration. After QQ login, if QQ has not bound any account, it will automatically create an account and bind it directly;

Support the setting of sending points for registration;

Support opening invitation registration;

Support to open an account that can be registered only by invitation link;

It supports opening and invitation code registration only. You can freely set the points given by invitation codes by yourself, and you can batch generate invitation code card passwords with one key;

Support inviting friends to send points;

It supports the opening of the member sharing article function. After opening, the member sharing article will have a registration guide map with an invitation link;

Support setting the number of IDs that can be registered on the same day as the IP address;

Support to set whether to display mail option during registration;

It supports setting user-defined fields for users to fill in when registering.

Sign in:

Login supports three types: normal login, email login, and mobile phone login. Only one of the three types can be selected.

Third party login currently only supports QQ login.

Retrieve password:

It supports either email or mobile phone number to retrieve password.

Payment channel:

1. Kami

2. Alipay.

3. If the application center has payment components but this plug-in is not integrated, the work order can be submitted.


1. Reward or deduct points for successful submission;

2. It supports background user-defined fields and works better with the article extension fields of the topic;

3、 After the submission is successful, you can purchase the top setting function of user-defined days for the article.


1. We have a user centered theme template;

2. According to the document configuration, you can freely modify the built-in theme template without affecting the update and upgrade of plug-ins;

3. In the application center, there are several skins that can be adapted to this plug-in;

4. If you don't like the above, you can also write your own skin, which is as simple as writing a website theme.

Extended value-added services:

1. One click registration and login on WeChat are supported, and WeChat Login plug-in needs to be purchased separately.

Member Center

1. Modify members' personal data;

2. View the message list;

3. Publish contributions;

4. View the submission record;

5. Password recovery (the "Mail Send" plug-in needs to be enabled);

6. Favorite articles (This function is only available for custom templates).

7. Integral recharge

8. VIP recharge

9. Consumption records

10. Change Password

11. Bind account, QQ number and mobile phone number

12. Real name authentication

13. Invite friends and view invitation records

Member value-added service

1. The plug-in background can generate a member upgrade card (monthly card), and members can use the upgrade card to upgrade the membership level.

2. The plug-in background can generate a virtual currency recharge card, and members can use the recharge card to recharge virtual currency.

Article purchase Play sharing (support separate rules for classification)

The following methods require account login, and do not support login free operation.

1. Hidden content Log in and see some cases: Login Visible

2、 Hide Content Visible to VIP members part Case presentation:   VIP visible

3、 Hide Content Visible after purchase of points Case presentation:   Source code sharing - Henan, Tang, Anyang (ytecn. com)

4、 Hide Content Alipay purchase Visible after Case presentation:   Source code sales - Henan Tang Anyang (ytecn. com)

5. Enter the password to view the content of the article.

6. Download station mode, we set Ordinary users Monthly card users Quarterly card users Annual Pass Users Lifetime user has five roles, and each role can set the number of downloads per day.

Display location of paid content

1. The paid content is displayed below the second paragraph.

2. Beginning of article

3. End of article Case presentation: Exhibition of zblog works - Henan, Tang, Anyang (ytecn. com)

4. Customization The display position is customized in the template, and the template production basis is required

5. Read more [see full text] Case presentation:   Station building knowledge - Henan, Tang, Anyang (ytecn. com)

6. Full text

Mode selection:

1. Article Mode

2. Download station mode

3. The physical goods model of the mall (currently, only a simple order is placed and delivered).

Update log


1. Adjust the naming of a class that may conflict with other topic css.

2. Optimize the logic for new and old users to update plug-in software upgrades.


1. The real name authentication method adds an enterprise authentication.


1. Registration mode The anti malicious registration mechanism is added in the normal mode.


1. Fix the problem that in some cases, errors will be reported when deducting points for submission;

2. Fix the problem that closing the submission verification code in some cases will prompt an error in the verification code;

3. Delete several redundant files;

4. Adjust some code locations to make the code structure more intuitive and facilitate secondary development.


1. The table name is optimized so that redundant tables can be deleted with one key without using the plug-in;

2. The user and privacy agreement has added the function of whether to check by default.


1. Add the User and Privacy Agreement on the registration page and login page, and you can choose whether to open it or not;

2. Add user login duration control. You can set how long the user will log in before the account login status becomes invalid.


1. Add the tag {$article. likes} (the number of likes of the current article login user);

2. Add the tag {$article. islike} (whether the current login user likes the article);

3. Add the tag {$article. iscollect} (whether the current login user has favorite articles).


1. Repair the unfriendly problem displayed in the background image of the large screen on the login, registration, and password retrieval pages (thanks for the problem feedback and additional solutions from Dark Star);


1. Fix the problem that the current page will display unnamed columns when the user does not enter a column on the home page;

2. Optimize the submission page, and provide friendly prompts when no title or content is entered;


1. Add anti brute force cracking function to the login page. After upgrading, remember to click Clear Cache and Re compile Template on the home page of the next background;

2. You can customize and edit announcements when adding a contribution page;

3. Whether to turn off the submission verification code function when adding a submission page.


1. Fix the problem that upgrading an old version to a new version may cause the new registered user to fail to enter points in some cases.


1. Optimize the problems that may conflict with other plug-ins in some cases due to the upgrade of zblogphp version.


1. We have made the function of modifying member information in the member's home page independent, and the independent page is used to modify member information;

2. In order to better convert user resources, we have added the display function of user-defined category columns on the members' home page;

3. After updating, remember to click Clear Cache and Re compile Template in the background


1. Optimize all codes related to integral operation;

2. After the new plug-ins purchased by the old website are repaired, some situations will lead to the failure of the old user points operation of the website.

More logs

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