WindsPhoto Album

  • ID : WindsPhoto
  • edition : 3.1.7
  • author : wolfit ( Author website )
  • Official website :
  • system requirements : Z-Blog 2.2 Prism
  • Update Date : 2013-07-22 00:00:00   Long time no update
  • amount of downloads : thirty-one thousand seven hundred and seventy-two
  • Scoring : The average score of 18 people voting is 8.28/10

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WindsPhoto is one of the photo album solutions of Z-Blog. It has special effects such as map album, custom template, custom domain name, LightBox, etc., encrypting photo albums, external link pictures, RSS, generating thumbnails, adding watermarks, etc

Bugs were updated and fixed on June 21 and 28.

What's new in 3.1:

  1. Increase the image compression quality. The default value is 80

  2. Add synchronization to Tencent Weibo and call the QQ Connect plug-in

  3. Add picture batch deletion operation

  4. Add image ads on the right side of image upload

  5. Use html5 to optimize the settings page

  6. Optimize image watermark processing and support png format images

  7. Optimize the picture display page, view the original picture, previous/next picture, and return to the album

  8. Fix the bug that cannot add remote images (3.1.1)

  9. Correct the conflict between waterfall flow mode and YTCMS (3.1.2)

  10. Integrate a jquery image preload plug-in preload to preload the next image (3.1.2)

  11. Fix mssql database support (3.1.3)

  12. Add watermark text font and italics settings (3.1.3)

  13. Add an algorithm for generating thumbnails (3.1.3)

  14. Fix that the setting interface is not available when there is no aspjpeg component (3.1.3)

  15. Fix several bugs in the background page when calling UEditor under IE8 (3.1.4)

  16. Optimize the UI of uploading image page (3.1.4)

  17. Fix the bug of batch uploading image watermark (3.1.5)

  18. Modify the operation permission of picture upload to 2 (website editing), and set the permission of album to 1 (administrator) (3.1.5)

  19. Batch move classification of new pictures (3.1.6)

  20. Add custom upload image size function (3.1.6)

  21. bug fixes(3.1.6)

  22. Correct the path of the UEditor and adapt to Z-Log 2.2 (3.1.7)

What's new in 3.0:

  1. Remove built-in Greybox and Thickbox, add Fancybox, update lightbox and highslide to the latest version

  2. Remove WindsPhoto's upload file size limit parameter and call Z-Blog's upload file size limit

  3. Remove the height parameter of the list mode picture

  4. Remove album statistics from the first page of the album

  5. Remove the release date and capture date of the album category

  6. Add waterfall mode for image browsing

  7. Image upload javascript detects image format

  8. New picture information, latest picture sidebar module

  9. Optimize the paging style of foreground and background pages

  10. Modify the cookie of encrypted album to one day

  11. Optimize album cover

  12. Fix the bug of adding two navigation bars when activating the plug-in

  13. Fixed the number of views of photo albums and pictures to exclude yourself

  14. Edit pictures, edit album pages and join UEditor

  15. Delete all picture files in the album when deleting the album

  16. No watermark is added to gif format images

More update logs:

WindsPhoto sidebar module instructions

WindsPhoto for Z-Log 2.0 Upgrade Guide (required for Z-Log 1.8 upgrade users)

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