PHP plug-in

 Qianzhushusheng - Super file chain - Storage Manager

[PHP] qianzhushusheng - Super file outer chain - Storage Manager

It can automatically upload the corresponding file format to the designated storage server (including API map bed, cloud storage, FTP space, etc.) to realize multi format distributed storage. After setting, the file format can be uploaded directly in the article to obtain the external connection, or the specified format file in the article can be uploaded to the designated server and get the external chain

 LY_ Alibaba cloud OSS object storage

[PHP] LY_ Alibaba cloud OSS object storage

All uploaded images and attachments are automatically synchronized to alicloud OSS object storage, and the files on the cloud are also synchronously deleted when the attachment management is deleted

 Webpage beautification artifact

[PHP] webpage beautification artifact

Webpage background setting (dynamic background) | dynamic webpage Title | additional custom style | font size setting | link prompt beautification | personalized mouse shape | mouse special effects | loading progress bar | scroll bar beautification | festival atmosphere | mouse click effect -- "yiwuku" Er Jin's works

 LY_ Qiniu cloud object storage

[PHP] LY_ Qiniu cloud object storage

Automatically synchronize website attachments to qiniu cloud object storage

 Website filing artifact

[PHP] website filing artifact

Website filing period, search engine friendly plug-ins?

 Save remote image and compress support watermark

[PHP] save remote image and compress to support watermark

Save and replace the remote images in the article to the local (support the pictures uploaded by UE), and set the maximum width and height compression image, support remote image watermark, default GIF only for download

 LY_ Dplayer video player

[PHP] LY_ Dplayer video player

No matter the front-end video editor of the article is disabled, it will not affect the use of new and old video editor plug-ins

 LY_ Cloud object storage

[PHP] LY_ Cloud object storage

Automatically synchronize website attachments to cloud storage

 Buy plug-ins without login

[PHP] login free plug-ins

Pay content purchase, Alipay purchase, wechat purchase, no login purchase

 Image beautification effect plug-in

[PHP] image beautification plug-in

Click on the article picture and add the picture display effect

 LY - picture viewer

PHP [ly] image viewer

A powerful image viewer, article and page image view plug-in (support rotation, zoom)

 Collection and storage processing: insert keywords into Thesaurus

[PHP] collection and storage processing: insert keyword Thesaurus

After the collection of articles, the plug-in will process the articles, such as title insertion, content insertion and other operations. Can let the article more noise, increase the originality of the article.