Gold developer Wolfit's application

 Database backup Lite

[ASP] Database backup Lite

Database backup simplified version, supporting manual backup of ACCESS and MSSQL


[ASP] Shuffle

Jump to any blog post at random.

 Bcastr Picture Slide

[ASP] Bcastr Picture Slide

Mainly Bcastr flash slides, supplemented by jQuery.KinSlideshow slides

 Translation of Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese

[ASP] Translation between Traditional and Simplified

After enabling the plug-in, add simple and complex conversion links in the navigation bar, and add JS scripts in the background; Detect the browser language. If it is traditional Chinese, it will automatically convert the foreground and background pages to traditional Chinese.

 WindsPhoto Album

[ASP] WindsPhoto album

Z-Blog Album Solution

 Picture watermark

[ASP] Image watermark

Add a watermark to the image. It supports text watermark and image watermark. It is only valid for JPG format images uploaded by the UEditor image button.

 Copy Article Link

[ASP] Copy article link

After enabling the plug-in, a button to copy the article link will be added at the bottom of the article, and the ZeroClipboard class library will be used to perfectly support IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and other browsers. No management is required, just enable it.


[ASP] Countdown++

Countdown is an expectation! Generate a date countdown and automatically add a sidebar module.

 Access database compression and backup

[ASP] Access database compression and backup

Z-Log Access Database Compression and Backup