Platinum developer ABCD's application

 FastCache global cache plug-in

[PHP] FastCache global cache plug-in

It is suitable for websites with a large number of visitors, improving efficiency and speed!

 Search term record plug-in

[PHP] Search term logging plug-in

Support recording the records searched by all users

 Article link redirection

[PHP] article link redirection

Article link redirection

 Search engine spider independent theme

[PHP] Search engine spider independent theme

Set an independent theme for search engine spiders


[PHP] PageSpeeder

Page acceleration, supporting the removal of individual CSS, removal of redundant attributes, and addition of DNS pre read

 Visible content after login

[PHP] Contents visible after login

Hide a section of the article to make it visible after users log in

 Z-Log Application Configuration Page Builder

[PHP] Z-Blog Application Configuration Page Builder

Make the configuration page more convenient

 Simditor Editor

[PHP] Simditor Editor

Simditor Editor

 GitHub login

[PHP] GitHub Login

GitHub third-party login

 Article Recycle Bin

[PHP] Article Recycle Bin

Article Recycle Bin

 Blog Home Alliance

[PHP] Blog Home Alliance

Quickly deploy the alliance navigation by installing the blog home alliance plug-in

 Save Remote Pictures

[PHP] Save Remote Pictures

Save and replace the pictures in the article to local, and the new article will take effect after the plug-in is enabled