Application of silver developer Bobo (contact QQ)

 Introduction of spiders

[PHP] attract spiders

It can realize the function of strong attracting spiders in spider pool

 Time slot

[PHP] time slot

7 kinds of advertising space, can be fixed time, can be long-term, can note the contact information of the advertiser

 High performance random article sidebar

[PHP] high performance random article sidebar

One million data can still easily random article sidebar plug-in

 Automatic sensitive word filtering

[PHP] automatic sensitive word filtering

Manual sorting, manual sorting, station group must use, takes two days to sort out the thesaurus

 HTML distractor

[PHP] HTML distractor


 Automatic article matching

[PHP] automatic article matching

Make no picture article automatically add pictures, no need to set

 Automatically compress pictures

[PHP] automatically compress pictures

Automatic compression, no need to set, automatically to compress the pictures in each article

 404 page 301 to home page

[PHP] 404 page 301 to home page

From Xiao Zong's SEO program, it is conducive to the recovery of spiders

 5118 auto rewrite

[PHP] 5118 auto rewrite

Intelligent rewriting of the full-text content will return the content with high readability and low similarity

 Auto comment

[PHP] auto comment

Automatically add comments to articles

 Classification shield

[PHP] classification mask

PC mobile terminal blocks columns separately

 Publish articles regularly

[PHP] publish articles regularly

Regular release of articles, support limited, limited time, interval to automatically publish articles