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Provide services externally through Baidu Smart Cloud
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Best Practices for Enterprise Intelligence Upgrade
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Full stack AI capability, providing end-to-end applications integrating software and hardware
The cultural model of industrial level knowledge enhancement makes the AI model stronger
Wenxin large model, the preferred base large model for AI development
Including the world's first knowledge enhancement 100 billion model, based on the AI model, accelerating the industrial intelligence upgrade
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Industry scheme derived from practice, enabling AI upgrading of industry
Intelligent education
Intelligent government
Intelligent medical treatment
Enterprise services
Smart retail
Industrial manufacturing
Smart Park
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Intelligent education
Based on Baidu voice interaction, face and body recognition, character recognition and other AI technologies, it enables software and hardware teaching products to achieve better human-computer interaction experience; At the same time, we will build a smart campus, upgrade key scenes such as campus security and campus attendance, improve campus security and experience, and reduce management costs
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The first domestic business platform focusing on serving AI industry chain
Third party market trading platform provided by Baidu AI developers, hardware manufacturers, integrators and various partners Get more business opportunities
Baidu Brain helps customers and partners succeed
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The whole line of products continues to update, and we look forward to working with you
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Intelligent education
Intelligent medical treatment
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