This station deleted a lot of useless articles.
If your WordPress site opens HTTPS, it does not display a small green lock icon or a small lock before you open the address bar in Baidu, 360, Sogou and other browsers. "Then, it shows that your website loads the resources that are not imported by SSL, and demonstrates the deployment of effects.
This activity is limited to new network new users. The bloggers got their hands some time ago. At that time, blogs are being beaten, and there is no more time. Today we will share with you the test demonstration using tutorial 1. Click to register new network users, then real name authentication (audit soon) 2. and then go to the front page.
Bloggers have checked their accounts, Ucloud is doing activities, but they need real name authentication. Friends who need it quickly go to the bar to test and demonstrate the use of tutorials. 1. Click to register the address, then you will be prompted to authenticated the real name. The audit will soon be ready for a few minutes. After 2. certification, there is an activity on the front page.
What I've been trying to do is to modify the mouse style and collect some mouse style materials. I'll share with you the material demonstration using tutorial 1.. Prepare two icon material columns, such as normal.cur and link.cur, and upload them to your theme directory.
In the past two days, the blog has been changed beautifully, though not much change, but it still looks better than before. It is worth mentioning that this article color box, for the article has raised a lot of force, but it really took me a lot of time, and now the online tutorials are also no water, I...
Code display: use the tutorial: put the code files in the JS folder of your website, paste the following code into the required page, [crayon-5d1221ceec106327058671/]
Code display: use the tutorial: put the code files in the JS folder of your blog's current theme, paste the following code into footer.php, and [crayon-5d1221ceec3aa706144058/] call J.
Screenshot shows: this code is also out for a long time. Today, we see that we can share with friends who can't find or need it. [crayon-5d1221ceec661285869710/] uses tutorials: put it on the bottom or head of the website.