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  • 微信图片_20190221100831.png For the realization of China's lunar exploration project goal to promote the cause of world beachhead space development efforts
  • Set! This is called the "Beijing global holiday resort"! This year, pushing these key projects
  • Visit Beijing Zhang High-speed Rail Qinghe Railway Station, secret 13 line outage 7 days mystery
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    Fang Fenghui, no period!

    In February 20, 2019, the military court were sentenced to the Central Military Commission, the former chief of staff of the Joint Chiefs of staff Fang Fenghui bribery, bribery, huge unidentified property case, found Fang Fenghui guilty of taking bribes, crimes of bribery crime, the crime of huge unidentified property, life imprisonment and deprived of political rights for life and confiscation of all personal property confiscated. The stolen money to the state treasury.

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    Report on the work of the plenary session of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection at what big tiger"

    In February 20th, the nineteen session of the three plenary session of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Report released. Among them, only mentioned 10 big tiger, why they were named to the report? What are the problems of the "tiger" on the body?

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    The Sino US high level consultation began, who led the three photo photo why?

    The morning of February 14th, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, vice premier of the State Council, the Chinese people led us comprehensive economic dialogue with the United States trade representative Liu Wright chize, finance minister Mnuchin co chaired the opening ceremony of the Sino US economic and trade high level consultation. The current round of high-level consultations agreed was held in 14-15 in Beijing. A friend is the scene of Tao notes on contact, learn some things from there.

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    make Beijing the capital

    In February 3, 1949, Beijing announced the peaceful liberation. China people's Liberation Army held into the city. In January 31, 1949, the peaceful liberation of Peking, February 3rd, people warmly welcome the people's Liberation Army into the city.

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    "Stray earth" C "domestic science fiction debut"

    Last night, the 2019 Spring Festival shift ended, not only highlights, and regret. "Stray earth" as a whole schedule within the "C" film, the audience was hailed as the milepost of domestic science fiction films production.

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    The new year we pass

    The fifth day of the new year, Spring Festival is an accident prone day". Indeed, after a quiet morning, noon, the alarm sounded from time to time squadron.

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    "The Forbidden City Shangyuan night" cultural activities ended

    Moon. Last night, a two-day "Forbidden City Lantern night" cultural activities during the event ended, the Imperial Palace Meridian Gate, north gate, etc. the turret lit, and the full moon.

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    The first batch of migratory birds flew north Wild Duck Lake

    After the beginning of spring, the snow melting, Yanqing wild duck lake began to warm up. 3 months ago the transit of migratory birds in South, opened a "go" way back. At present, the swan, crane, smew's vanguard has arrived. 3 is expected in early to mid month, the wild duck lake will usher in the peak of birds.

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    The museum unveiled Qianmen day Park

    Qianmen fresh fish day Park theater recently held a grand ceremony here, will become the world's first opera art museum. In March, the first domestic original fashion drama opera "debut" in which has a history of more than 200 years of annual performances in theater.

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    19 Lantern Festival Lantern Festival people with light show

    The Lantern Festival is approaching, February 19th, "fukuma Beijing spring new China" Lantern Festival will be launched in the city. 19 key activities will be the Lantern Festival activities and theatrical performances, combining ancient traditional techniques and the theme of a new era by combining traditional and modern lantern light show the combination of the characteristics of Beijing and international elements in combination, will provide a rich selection of common people for the Lantern festival.

  • Three

    Prerelease! World Horticultural Exposition began selling tickets! Dream a good place to feast our eyes!

    In 2019 of this year's 70th anniversary important, so that there is a Beijing, let the whole Chinese all look forward to look forward to the event - 2019 China Beijing World Horticultural exposition.

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    Attractions Wen Chong, now back!

    The Imperial Palace creative popular network, cultural and creative park into the temple...... In recent years, recently launched the parks, attractions of cultural and creative products, not only loved by tourists, has become a network of hot words.

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