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Freestyle Sun Yang three consecutive games, 3 gold and 2 silver he proved himself

2018-08-24 20:48 Editor: TF010 来源North late new visual integrated

In August 24th, the Jakarta Asian Games swimming ushered in the ending date. Sun Yang has gained 3 gold and 2 silver in the last item of their 1500 meter freestyle.

Photo by Liu Ping

Eight years ago, the Guangzhou Asian Games, Sun Yang won the title, it is his first individual gold medal at the Asian Games project, the League will then increase more than ten Asian record. The 2014 Inchon Asian Games, successfully defending Sun Yang.

This time, he again with 14 minutes 58 seconds 53 won three consecutive championships, won the tournament fourth gold.

Sun Yang cry again.

After the game Sun Yang obviously has reached the limit, he in an interview with CCTV in tears: "in fact that swim 100 meters relay is very tired, weak people. Today is really rely on will spell down, always adhere to the teeth."

To swim back to within 15 points, Sun Yang said his return to Zhu Zhigen guidance, indeed, "this is just a start, is to enhance my confidence."

But after the presentation, Sun Yang wearing Anta lingjiangfu, but in the national flag national anthem, he still doll blocked Anta logo......

Sun Yang still domineering.

The 1500 meter freestyle is Sun Yang "in the world".

2011 Shanghai World Swimming Championships, Sun Yang to 14 points 34 seconds 14 won the 1500 meter freestyle gold medal, breaking the project sealed 10 year old world record.

A year after the London Olympics, Sun Yang with 14 minutes 31 seconds 02 won the championship, once again refresh the world record. The BBC commentator said even in the commentary: "the little red world record is too poor, he can only be Sun Yang thrown farther."

Although these years Sun Yang in the 1500 meters on the performance decline, but with this year to return to Zhu Zhigen's mentor, to strengthen the training of long distance freestyle, Sun Yang still few rivals in asia.

However, for the 27 year old Sun Yang, insist on is extremely difficult.

Sun Yang on the 1500 meter training said: "this project is really not all people can adhere to travel down the arm, leg is more and more serious, more and more heavy, the body began to sink, mind swam closer to collapse. Others don't understand, very uncomfortable, really very uncomfortable, shengburusi."

But Sun Yang still insisted, "in this process will certainly have to pay a lot of hard, a lot of pain, with the increase of age, to maintain such a high level, we must pay more."

In April this year, the national championship, Sun Yang swam out of personal best result this year 15 minutes and 04 seconds 92, the results came in third in Asia and twenty-third in the world this year. But because the domestic competition pressure is small, play reservations, and held in Taiyuan 800 MIA plateau effect, this is not Sun Yang's true level.

Tonight's 1500 meters final, physical strength is perhaps the biggest rival Sun Yang. The Asian Games, Sun Yang booked 200 meters to all four items of the 1500 meter freestyle, also stepped in the two relay final. But in the face of the physical 1500 meters, Sun Yang overcame the fatigue of the body.

"The most difficult 1500 meters, I also believe in yourself. Anyway, try to bite off, everyone is tired, it will go with the spirit of top down."



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Jakarta Asian Games medley relay Chinese beat Japan wins Sun Yang pick silver relay

Jakarta Asian Games swimming pool to climax, Chinese team won the women's 200 meter freestyle, women's 200 m butterfly, and 4 x 100 meter medley relay three gold medals. The mixed relay gold content of the foot, this is the last year to determine the new Tokyo Olympic Games project, yesterday China team not only beat the Japanese team to win, also broke the Japanese team in August 9th to create a Pan Pacific Championships on the Asian record.

4 x 100 meter medley relay is the last finals yesterday, China team four rods were the backstroke, breaststroke, Xu Jia Yu Yan Zi Bei, Zhang Yu Fei butterfly and freestyle Zhu Menghui, called the strongest array attack. The Japanese team is also very outstanding, backstroke in Gangneung is slightly worse than Xu Jiayu, but also Duzai Zhu Guan breaststroke at the end of the men's 100 meters breaststroke final beat Yan Pui gold, but also broke the Asian record; butterfly chijiang glass Hanako needless to say, Zhang Yufei can only hope not falling too far; only the last Japanese team rod Aoki Tomomi less strength. The final Japanese team ranked fourth, Chinese team ranked fifth, a fierce competition triggered at any moment.

The start of the game, Xu Jiayu continued strong, to the edge of 52 to 30 seconds, 0.23 seconds ahead in Gangneung Pui Yan; state Shen Yong, even when the leading edge is Zhu Benedict Xiaoguan 0.75 seconds, instead of just finished the final 100 frogs depressed; Zhang Yu Fei was in the women's 200 meter butterfly gold, head is excited on the side of the glass until the final chijiang Hanako counter ultra Zhang Yu Fei little; the last bar, Zhu Menghui soon relaxed beyond Aoki Tomomi, lead to the side, China team won a gold medal at the same time, also in 3 minutes and 40 seconds 45 create a new Asian record.

This was a gold medal, let the mixed panel joy atmosphere to the highest point. Yan Pui four in an interview, everyone confident smile, sparkling discourse. Pui Yan said: "I am very excited to travel down, feeling a bit overwhelmed, even took the individual gold medal, he is not so happy. The relay is a national collective honor, the relay took a piece of gold, more exciting." When Zhang Yufei learned that he was only Ikee Rikako ahead by 0.18 seconds, also laugh: "is it? I am cattle ah. I saw her just a little bit faster than me, I think, (the gold medal) have." Last night Zhang Yufei became double gold king, she said with a smile, you want to try not to be before the game is widening the gap, "swim 50 meters after that, eh? She didn't catch up!" Zhu Menghui to reporters shouted loudly only three words: "very good."

There are surprises, there is regret, Chinese also frustrated the swimming team last night, Fu Yuanhui is one of the most popular one in the women's 100 meter backstroke finals she won fourth medals, even did not get. She lost the game very, very self blame, "I feel very sorry for you, because we rarely lose the gold medal, the last I was champion." Why not swim well, Fu Yuanhui sometimes can not find the reason: "I do not know, is a bit hard to swim. Before the training is the system, and then when asthma also adhere to the training, so this place still makes me very sad." A reporter asked Fu Yuanhui how long time to adjust, Fu Yuanhui shook his head: "I don't know."

The men's 4 x 100 m freestyle final, Sun Yang, Yu Hexin led the Chinese team lost to the Japanese team, a silver medal.


Source: surging comprehensive Beijing Evening News

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