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Sun Yang responded: "storm lingjiangfu" this kind of thing will not affect me not

2018-08-22 14:32 Editor: TF008 来源Beijing daily new media

Beijing time on the evening of August 21st, China swimming team captain Sun Yang in the Jakarta Asian Games men's 400 meter freestyle final performance is steady, with 3 points 42 seconds 92 results as defending. After the game, Sun Yang has finally responded to the good mood even on the "lingjiangfu storm", he said, such a thing not, doesn't affect me.

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On the night of the awards ceremony, the outside world is still very concerned about Sun Yang "award manner".

The results, he was put on the China delegation lingjiangfu, also brought the five-star red flag.

Although there is no flag and then wrapped around the body, and then cover the chest stickers no sponsor LOGO, but Sun Yang did not pull the zipper jacket, "split" collar half covered LOGO.

Received the gold medal and the mascot, he will firmly hold the mascot in the chest, LOGO is covered more strict......

After the ceremony, Sun Yang for the first time on the "lingjiangfu storm" made a positive response. When a reporter asked Sun Yang "outside the storm did not affect you," he replied:

This (events) for me has been flattering, really, small things will not affect me."

In addition, Sun Yang on the evening of 19 met at the awards ceremony after the pole fault action also has caused widespread concern.

In this regard, he read:

"In the past China athletes may pay more attention to the results, in the maintenance of national image is not so strong outside. Now, each of us are very strong sense of mission, various industry leaders are proving China grow strong. Let "Anthem" in the international arena there is very proud thing."

Sun Yang said,

"So, let the National Anthem complete release, everyone has the obligation to safeguard its national image."


Source: Beijing daily new media

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