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Sun Yang is confident he used the storm response results prove their dispute

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The three day race lizhan three gold, the absolute strength of Chinese captain once again show the "freestyle king". However, the 19 day of the 200 metre freestyle at the award ceremony, Sun Yang because of his lingjiangfu, made up a storm, dressed in sportswear for personal endorsement and failing to wear Chinese delegation lingjiangfu appeared on the podium, was China delegation official apparel sponsor taking your anger". After 2 days of fermentation, "lingjiangfu door" intensified.

Photo by Liu Ping

The Jakarta Asian Games in the 200 freestyle final podium, Sun Yang won the championship and runner up contestant Ji Xinjie wearing different brands of clothing appearance, the latter wearing the Chinese delegation lingjiangfu unified sponsors, Sun Yang is wearing a bright yellow dress. And in accordance with the provisions of Chinese delegation athletes award wear official lingjiangfu, Sun Yang's behavior is a violation of this contract by the sponsors of discontent.

The company sponsors the evening issued a statement saying, "I believe Chinese delegation will have resolution of justice, and in 20, said" a lingjiangfu more than success, more is the honor of the country, is the image of the country, and the bottom line should not be unworthy of rules." Another statement is that "(Sun Yang move) personal interests above national interest."

21, cut down 400 meters freestyle gold medal, was asked whether the state of "lingjiangfu door", Yang Zixin responded: sun has therefore, will not affect their.



Previously reported

Sun Yang asked the heavy flag was like anger after being angry dislike: one is the attitude of a clothing.

On the evening of Indonesia 19 games 200 freestyle awards ceremony, the flag suddenly fall after all, Sun Yang's performance by domestic users like anger. But just praised Anta to end, Sun Yang tore open.

8 month 20 evening, Sun Yang will win the men's 800 meter freestyle final at the Jakarta Asian Games, the project became the first in the history of the Asian Games champion. But his "prize" once again aroused concern and hot.


20 pm 5 pm, including Titan Sports, plus micro-blog official client @ sina sports and other media have reported such a news: Anta lingjiangfu event issued a statement.

Originally, in the evening 19 200 meters freestyle podium, with China players, Sun Yang won the championship and runner up contestant Ji Xinjie wearing different brands of clothing appearance, the latter wearing the China delegation unified brand Anta provides service to accept the award, Sun Yang prize is wearing bright yellow clothing 361 degrees.

According to @ sports reported, the provisions Chinese delegation, the award ceremony to wear uniform sponsored by Anta lingjiangfu in athletes, Sun Yang attended the 200 freestyle ceremony to wear personal clothing sponsor brand award.

This behavior that was widely interpreted as "illegal operation", by sports circle, especially the question of sports industry circles.

For this, Anta said in a statement distributed to the media:

As a Chinese sports delegation official partner of the IOC and China official partner, Anta created lingjiangfu for Chinese athletes, representing China sports spirit, on behalf of Chinese athletes style.

According to the contract requirements and the national team uniform image, the athletes in the podium to dress uniform official lingjiangfu. A lingjiangfu, not just a symbol of excellent athletes, is more representative of a national reputation, image and credibility. The same country athletes in different lingjiangfu stage in the world, There was no parallel in history. sports history, has a major impact on the national image and China rules of respect. Personal interests above national interest.

We believe that the Chinese delegation for the discipline violations of the event, there will be a fair resolution of serious treatment. We also believe that the Asian Games, "lingjiangfu will witness Our wills unite like a fortress." Chinese sports one glorious moment, will be accompanied by Chinese gallop games for athletes.

The statement did not name names, but clearly pointed to the day before the Sun Yang lingjiangfu event".

In addition, the reporter found, 20 pm 2 pm, @ Anta sports released on the same piece of lingjiangfu "micro-blog pictures, text 2, respectively:" one dream, one mission, one lingjiangfu, a lingjiangfu more than success, more is the honor of the country, is the image of the country. The rules and the bottom line, not disgrace."

Sun Yang has not been a positive response to this matter, but at the end of the evening of 20 Asian Games 800 meters freestyle champion again, Sun Yang replaced Anta lingjiangfu, but wearing the national flag admission, the chest also used Anta logo flag sticker cover.

According to the "interface news" reports, the Asian Games, Anta and 361 degrees are the most eye-catching local sports brand sponsors -- from the beginning of 2009, Anta became including the Olympic Games and the Asian Games, China sports delegation official partners, to provide a unified clothing for the China team; and 361 degrees is the Asian Games the senior partner for the Asian Games torch, equipment to provide staff and volunteers and other officials. Since 2011, Sun Yang was signed to the local sports brand under 361 degrees.

As of press time, 361 degrees and Chinese sports delegation temporarily no public statement.

Antaopened tear for sun, how to see friends?

Some users believe that the company "eating too ugly":

There are a lot of friends that should pay attention to the spirit of the contract ":

Sports sponsorship between "running out of time"

In sports, conflicts caused by "sponsored" is not uncommon.

Wrong to drink a beverage, a fine of 470 thousand

The end of this summer's World Cup, a player with the "wrong drink drink", "wearing the wrong socks" and sentenced to 470 thousand yuan fine.

Croatia team lovren was found drinking beverages in the Red Bull arena, violated the FIFA and other beverage brands sponsored by regulations, FIFA opened about 470 thousand yuan ticket.

Jordan and other stars have used flag covering trademarks

The athletes stage game, years of experience in television, also let them know how to avoid risks.

The 1992 Barcelona Olympics, sponsors men's Basketball Championship Team USA came on stage, for unified printed on Reebok trademark coat. The "dream team" including Jordan, half of the players have signed with Nike. Finally, to select players wearing Reebok, but with the American flag covering trademark.

The "dream team" also attracted U.S. users a "Nike loyalty beyond loyalty to the United states".

The National Games Liaoning team "zipper" incident

9 2017, the National Games men's basketball final award ceremony, when Chinese Basketball Association President Yao Ming in the championship team awards for the Liaoning team, he twice to remind the Zhou Qi and Guo Ailun will sport coat zipper, and then the gold medal hanging on their neck.

At that time, Zhou Qi and Guo Ailun pulled the coat and T-shirts with the zipper, other sports brand Air Jordan and Nike Logo were visible, and Zhou Qi and Guo Ailun is just the brand signing.

On the podium, Guo Ailun, Zhou Qi, Li Xiaoxu three people did not pull the zipper, the clothes logo clearly visible;

With personal endorsement of the breastplate, Ding Junhui was convicted of war is not negative

In March 27, 2017, Chinese snooker tournament, because Ding Junhui chest marked conflict with Hengda gold clothing sponsor tournament title sponsor events require the Bank of Beijing, he moved the chest mark to play. Because the two sides had an argument, the game was delayed 20 minutes before the start, Ding Junhui was sentenced to 0-1 without a fight behind, until he took to the chest was allowed to return to the game object.

There are many other examples: Lin Dan after the "get the wrong bag" had been suspended, Yi Jianlian in the CBA race off anger shoes, and Sun Yang for "private sign of competing products" almost lost the Olympic qualification.

CBA League second round in late November 2, 2016, CBA League sponsors and requires the player to wear a Lining shoes play, Yi Jianlian signed NIKE said "foot discomfort", the Lining shoes off on the sidelines.

Be patriotic patriotic

The rules are the rules

A code is a code

For this "lingjiangfu" event

How do you see?


Source: Beijing daily new media

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