The performance of public and private fundraising is outstanding, and the withdrawal is very small

Private placement performance Fengling steady growth phase 1, history Annualized income 59.68%

Fengling steady growth phase 1 is the first sunshine private equity product managed by Jinbin, with an increase of 154.97% since its establishment two years ago. In the past year, the revenue was 82.26%, ranking among the top 7% in the same industry. During the stock disaster in 2015, Fengling still achieved 0.51%, 9.80% and 1.78% net returns in June, July and August respectively without hedging with stock index futures.

Data source: Haomai fund research center deadline: December 31, 2015

Data source: Fengling capital

Public offering performance In 2011 and 2012, we won the first and third places in the equity bond balanced fund group

Mr. Jin Bin has managed 5 billion public funds for nearly five years. He worked as a fund manager of Yinhua advantageous enterprises (2009 / 2 / 18 ~ 2013 / 7 / 19), and his performance was in the top 1 / 4 of the same category, surpassing 14% of the CSI 300 index in the same period. Among them, in 2011 and 2012 respectively won the first and third place in the equity bond balanced fund group.

Data source: wind

More than 15 years investment and research experience of core team at home and abroad

  • Jin Bin Chairman of Fengling
  • Master of statistics, Xiamen University. Since 2001, he has worked in Guotai Junan (Hong Kong) research department, Guotai Junan Institute, Yinhua Fund and other companies. He has served as stock analyst, director of research department, fund manager and member of investment decision-making committee. In 2013, he left Yinhua Fund and founded Fengling Capital Management Co., Ltd. as the chairman. There are in-depth studies on industry research, macro-economy, asset allocation and major global markets.
If it's a skill to make money in a bull market, it's really Kung Fu if you don't lose money in a bear market, or even continue to make money!

Fengling stable growth phase 1, through the bull bear market, after the stock market crash

Product Name: CITIC Fengling stable growth phase 1
Basic elements: Fund manager Jin Bin; closed period 6 months; no quasi closed period
open house: Last trading day of each month
Investment scope: Stocks, bonds, funds, stock index futures, etc
Investment restrictions: The total value of selling stock index futures contracts shall not exceed 20% of the total market value of equity securities held by collective trust schemes; the total value of buying stock index futures contracts shall not exceed 10% of the net value of trust assets
Rate structure: Subscription fee: 1%; total fixed management fee: 1.7%; performance commission: 20%
Risk control: Stop loss line: 0.70 yuan
Note: the final product elements are subject to the fund contract.
Risk tips: investment is risky. The performance of other funds managed by the fund manager does not guarantee the performance of the fund. The relevant data are for reference only and do not constitute investment suggestions. Investors should read the fund contract in detail and bear the investment risk by themselves.