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  • The 1. link submission tool is a tool that the website actively pushes data to Baidu search. This tool can shorten the link time of web crawler discovery, and the website timeliness content suggests using link submission tool to push data to search in real time. This tool can speed up crawler catching, and can not solve the problem of whether web site content is included.
  • 2. Baidu search resource platform provides a link submission channel for the webmaster. You can submit links that you want to be included by Baidu. Baidu search engine will be processed according to the standards, but it does not guarantee that you will be able to include the links you submitted.

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Webmaster Tools

If you are a webmaster, you can also optimize your website through the following webmaster tools to enhance the inclusion effect and search performance:

Index quantity

Query index contains more accurate index data, that is, how many pages as search results.

Grasp anomaly

Deal with errors and exceptions when Baidu spider crawls pages in time, improve the efficiency of crawling.

Traffic and keywords

Provide the popular keywords of the website, display and click data to improve the conversion rate of traffic.

Link analysis

Query the website's dead chain and external chain data, help website optimization construction

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