Essential for keyword optimization: Baidu and Google online index query tool website

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Choosing the right keywords will help improve the search engine traffic of the blog, and you can also do half the work when optimizing keywords. When doing blog SEO, it is very difficult to select keywords for blog. I don't know how to select keywords, whether the keywords are popular or not, and I don't know whether good keywords are good or not. At this time, I can use Baidu and Google index query tools to analyze the selected keywords.

 Essential for keyword optimization: Baidu and Google online index query tool website

Baidu Index Query Introduction:

Baidu Index is a free massive data analysis service based on Baidu web search and Baidu news search, which reflects the "user attention" and "media attention" of different keywords in the past. You can find, share and mine the most valuable information and information on the Internet, and directly and objectively reflect the social hot spots, interests and needs of netizens.

Introduction to Google Index Query:

Through Google Trends, you can compare the world's attention to your favorite topics. Enter up to five topics and see how often they are searched on Google over time. Google Trends can also show how often your topics appear in Google News stories, as well as the geographical regions where they are most frequently searched

Baidu and Google online index query tool website:

  • Baidu Index Query: (Query keyword index)

  • Baidu search list: (Query popular keywords)

  • Google Trends: (Query Google index)

  • Google Hot List: (Query popular keywords)

At that time, because you didn't choose keywords, the role of the keywords of the blog bar was almost zero.

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