How to exclude the specified classified article code from the zblog homepage list

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By default, the zblog home page list displays the articles of the whole site according to the time when they are published. If you do not want to display a classified article in the home page article circular list, you need to modify it through code or plug-ins. The following is a code tutorial that implements the zblog home page article list to exclude articles of the specified classification.

 How to exclude the specified classified article code from the zblog homepage list

1. Add the following function code to the theme include.php file:

 function qiteen_ exclude_ category(&$type,&$page,&$category,&$author,&$datetime,&$tag,&$w,&$pagebar){ global $zbp;     if($type == 'index'){ $w[]=array('<>','log_CateID',1); //The following is to rebuild the paging, filter the classification, and the quantity will change $pagebar = new Pagebar($zbp->option['ZC_INDEX_REGEX']); $pagebar->PageCount = $zbp->displaycount; $pagebar->PageNow = $page; $pagebar->PageBarCount = $zbp->pagebarcount; }    }

code array('<>','log_CateID',1) The number 1 in is the classification ID to exclude

2. In the ActivePlugin_ xxx() Add the following code to the function:

 Add_ Filter_ Plugin('Filter_Plugin_ViewList_Core','exclude_category');

After saving, the cache can be updated on the background home page to take effect.

Method analysis:

Specify the classification through function filtering, rebuild the paging, and hook Filter_ Plugin_ ViewList_ Core Interface.

Interface location: zb_ system/function/c_ system_ Event.php. If you are interested, you can study it yourself.

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