Solution to zti file upload failure during background theme installation

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When the blog bar browses the z-blog forum or other bloggers' z-blog blogs, it occasionally finds that the theme zti file upload fails when the blogger indicates that the theme is installed in the background of the z-blog. The failure to upload zti theme files may be due to the server used by the blogger does not support uploading. zti format files or the size of zti theme files exceeds the limit of the space provider where the z-blog blog is located. The following is the corresponding solution.

 Solution to zti file upload failure during background theme installation

To install the z-blog theme, do not upload the zti file:

If the server restricts the upload of. zti files, you can only contact the space provider to set the allowed format of space upload files (your own independent server will add its own. zti file format); If the size of the uploaded. zti file exceeds the server limit, contact the space provider to set a limit for the size of the uploaded file.

For the above methods, if the blogger is not convenient, he can only follow the steps below:

  1. Upload the z-blog theme package file in. zti format to the/PLUGIN/ThemeSapper/Export/directory of the z-blog blog through the ftp upload tool

  2. Then enter your own z-blog blog background, enter Theme Style Management, select Install Theme from Local, select Manage ZTI Files on the Host, and finally select the corresponding ZTI files to install.

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