The blog comment content cannot be empty or too long

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I finished v5 two days ago_ The boke8 topic was uploaded to the zblog blog for installation test. During the comment test, the error prompt "Error reason: the comment content cannot be empty or too long" was tragically displayed when the comment was submitted. Fortunately, after all, several topics were imitated for ZBlog, and the reason for the problem was that the comment related JS calls were not added, As long as it is added, there is no problem.

 The blog comment content cannot be empty or too long

Content cannot be empty or too long Solution:

Enter the background of ZBlog blog, click "File Management", then enter the THEMES directory, and select topics where comments cannot be submitted normally

Edit the single.html file in the TEMPLATE directory, and add the following code before</head>:

 <script language="JavaScript" src="<#ZC_BLOG_HOST#>script/common.js" type="text/javascript"></script> <script src="<#ZC_BLOG_HOST#>function/c_html_js_add.asp" type="text/javascript"></script>

After saving, rebuild the file.

Tips: The second sentence JS is the latest version of the file added

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