Solution to the problem of error returned by the zblog php upload image display server

Channel: Technical Tutorial Date: Browse: 201

Zblog php uses the UEditor editor. When uploading an image, the image is uploaded successfully but cannot be inserted into the content. The display server returns an error. The solution told by the zblog administrator is to clean the BOM header. The zblog application center provides a plug-in for checking the BOM header, through which you can check and remove the BOM header of website files.

1. Enter the website background, search for "BOM File Header Check" in the Application Center and install the application;

2. Enter Plug in Management to enable the plug-in, and click the wrench icon behind the plug-in to enter the BOM file header check page;

3. Leave the extension as default, and click Submit.

4. In the status bar behind the retrieved file name, click the yellow triangle Chinese icon to remove the BOM.

5. After all are removed, the problem is solved.