The center's general address and common site reference

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After the installation is completed, a ping plug-in named Ping center and reference notification sender is provided by default. The function of the plug-in is to send Ping notification to the network update service provider by XML-RPC protocol after Z-blog updates the article through the Ping search engine address entered in advance, so that the content can be included more quickly. The following blog bar collected the current main available Ping address, summarized as follows: Baidu automatic pin

Method code to realize the statistical effect of Z-blog blog running days

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By default, the Z-blog system comes with the statistics of the total number of articles, comments, references, views and comments, but there is no statistics on the running days of Z-blog since it was installed. Therefore, if you want to realize the statistics of running days of Z-blog, you have to manually add code. The implementation method is also very simple, just add a few JavaScript statements. Here are the steps to add JavaScript

The solution of blog comment content cannot be empty or too long

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Finished V5 two days ago_ The topic of boke8 is uploaded to zblog blog for installation test. During the comment test, the error prompt of "error reason: the comment content cannot be empty or too long" appears tragically. Fortunately, after all, several themes have been imitated for zblog, and the reason for the problem is that the JS call related to the comment is not added, As long as you add it, there will be no problem

Personal independent blog site the most common ways to make money

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Open a website to say that you don't want to make money. Most of them are deceiving. They have invested a lot of time and energy on the domain name server. Making money is an affirmation of their own labor and also a kind of return. Blog as a kind of website is also the same. In various types of websites, blogs are in a weak position in terms of making money. After all, the update procedures and traffic of blogs are lower and less than those of large communities or information-based sites. However, it does not mean that blogs cannot make money

Keyword optimization necessary: Baidu and Google online index query tool website

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Choose the right keywords, help to improve the blog search engine traffic, optimize keywords can also do half the effort. And do blog seo, for the selection of blog keywords is a very laborious thing, do not know how to choose keywords, do not know whether the keyword is hot, want to good keywords and do not know whether good, at this time you can use Baidu and Google index query tools to select the keywords for analysis