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Navicat Premium12 Cracked

Navicat Premium is a set of database development tools that enable you to connect MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQLite databases from a single application. It's Ama. Continue reading
Penetration test

Atlassian JIRA server template injection vulnerability recovery (CVE-2019-11581)

Access the following two url does not require administrator account permissions: http://ip:port/secure/ContactAdministrators! Default.jspa requires administrator account permissions: http://ip:port/secur... Continue reading
Penetration test

A practical Google browser plug-in for penetration testing

1.0. Hackbar cracked version, from toast elder brother: 5936 (already off shelf) Continue reading
Nuclear arsenal

CNVD-C-2019-48814 anti serialization vulnerability batch detection POC

[the article has been encrypted, please click the title to enter password access] Continue reading
Penetration test

ThinkPHP5 remote execution code vulnerability repair

The scope of influence is 5.x, 5.1.31, < 5.0.23 , 5.0.23 , *****\apps\config.php and false. Continue reading
Penetration test

Identity card last algorithm + SMS bombardment space bypass script

Tips: if there is pop-up prompt on this page, it will be good to enter the page refresh. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (Scanner) is encountered in the work, recording one hash, algorithm for open algorithm, I added a import java.util.Scanner, public... Continue reading
Penetration test

A website logical loophole leads to the mobile phone number unbundled bypassing.

Since the original mobile phone number is not used, every sign in is a safety hazard. Try to unbind the phone number, but you need the original phone number to verify it. 0x01 first came to the computer version website, and entered the personal settings binding settings, trying to unbind mobile phone number 0x02. Continue reading
Nuclear arsenal

Nessus no IP restricted version of virtual machine - virtual machine installed version (plug-in update to 2019/05/30)

After the new version, you can only sweep 16 IP ~ ~ so Shad0wpf made the virtual machine. The version is not a segmented version. It is directly the entire virtual machine file, but it doesn't make any difference from the segmented version. It uses Vm. Continue reading
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NESSUS plug-in updates -ForWindows notes (with plug-in download address)

0x01 comes to the Nessus installation directory, opens the CMD window (it must be the administrator's highest permissions), executes the command nessuscli.exe fetch --challenge, obtains code 0x02, and then opens the address: https://plugins.n. Continue reading