Open source free, compact and powerful blog program and CMS station building system

Z-blogphp background management interface  Z-blogphp background management interface
Z-blog PHP program installation interface  Blogz-php setup interface
Z-blogphp plug-in management  Z-blogphp plug-in management
Z-blogphp topic management  Z-blogphp topic management
Z-blogphp default theme  Z-blogphp default theme
Introduction to z-blogphp
  • Z-blog PHP is a powerful blog building system and CMS program

    Z-blogphp supports PHP 5.2-7.4, 8.0-8.1, and can run on all operating systems and web servers on the market.
    It can be regarded as an ordinary blog program, but also as a set of CMS. It has strong customizability and rich third-party applications, which can meet your needs.

  • It also supports mysql, SQLite and PostgreSQL databases

    Z-blogphp program supports MySQL database (compatible with MariaDB), but also supports smaller and more convenient SQLite database. Version 1.7 also supports PgSQL database.

  • We have been trying to make z-blogphp a highly playable, Lego building block website program!

    Naturally, it can be expanded easily through themes and plug-ins, code can be easily modified and personalized site.