ZBlog tutorial: Tips on purchasing, downloading and enabling paid applications

April 3, 2019 07:27:56 Yidian Yidi six thousand and fifty-nine

Based on the MIT License open source code, Z-BlogPHP is an efficient and fast PHP website building program. Developers have made many applications based on the officially published specifications and interfaces. Compared with free apps, which can be directly accessed and enabled, higher quality paid apps are a little troublesome in the use steps. After all, there is more purchase payment. Today, Yiwuku will talk about how to use ZBlog paid apps.

First, enter Own website In the background, click the "Application Center" menu on the left to open the ZBlog official application center, and click "Log in to the application store" to log in. It is a necessary step to use the paid application. No account can be used click here Registration. If the "Application Center" menu is not visible on the left side of the background, it means that the application center plug-in itself is not enabled or has been removed. At this time, you can first open the "Plug in Management" to find the "Application Center" plug-in and click the corresponding The icon can be opened. If the plug-in is missing, it can click here Download.

In the application center, we can see all kinds of applications launched by all developers. We can find our favorite applications through search and page flipping. The top right corner with numbers and red bottom subscripts represents paid applications. Click "Buy App" and a purchase prompt will appear


Click "OK" to jump to the payment page and click "Next" to make payment. Currently, ZBlog only supports Alipay payment officially. If you want to make WeChat payment, you can choose to contact the application author to purchase. The author has the right to add orders on behalf of you


After successful payment, it will automatically jump to the "Purchased Apps List" page in the ZBlog User Center, It should be noted that there is no way to download applications directly here, so we need to open the application center in the background of our website again Open the "My Application Warehouse" to see the purchased applications. At this time, click to open the charging application to see the only "Get Application" button. Click to see the download OK prompt and go to the theme or plug-in management list to enable it. The same is true when you find the corresponding charging application through search and page turning browsing.


Although the above process does not seem to be complicated, in fact, many new users tend to get stuck in the last step. After several page jumps, they sometimes have no idea how to obtain purchased applications. In any case, as long as you have purchased the same app under the same account, you don't need to worry about repeated purchases. The purchased app will always be under your account, and you can download updates permanently and indefinitely under the premise of legal use.

If the purchase is made directly at app.zblogcn.com instead of at the "Application Center" on the background of your website, you need to use the purchase account to log in to the "Application Center" on the background of your website. After successful login, the "Log in to the Application Store" on the top right corner of the following figure will become "My Application Warehouse".


In the background of your website, you need to log in to the "Application Center" with a token. "Click to get the account login token" will jump to uc.zblogcn.com/user/security/token, and click the "Generate" button to get the token. When the login status fails, you will be prompted to log in again. You can generate a token at any time after login. The token generated each time can only be used once.

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