Six kinds of free and fastest methods of network promotion

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    Network promotion Six ways to get the fastest results for free

At present, Network promotion It has become the key to enterprise operation, Network promotion It is directly related to the profitability of enterprises. But now, make effective Network promotion It's getting harder and harder to use free Network promotion It's even more difficult to get results. Today, Shenyang Network promotion -Yunuo technology will share with you six effective "free" Network promotion Methods ", enterprises carry out Network promotion You can refer to this.

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1、 Baidu series product promotion

To promote, baidu still has a large amount of traffic, so it is necessary to promote various methods of Baidu under online learning, such as:

1. Baidu knows - keyword question and answer

In short, it is to embed your own brand words in the answer by searching for relevant keywords.

The advantage of this method is that the keyword in Baidu search results display position is good, the flow is large, and promotion pertinence is strong, conversion rate is high, but there are also shortcomings, such as being blocked, deleted answer, novice operation needs more practice.

2. Baidu Library -- drainage of keyword articles

I believe you all understand the weight of Baidu series products, and the word preview display interface of Baidu Library is fresh, without too many advertisements. As long as the keyword position is adjusted well, it will also have a good display degree.

3. Baidu experience

Compared with Baidu know and Baidu Library, baidu experience is a new product of Baidu. Baidu search results page is also the most displayed (in order to promote new products, it is good to understand), and the early content is less, the audit is relatively loose, and there are many ways to embed advertising, such as embedding URL, watermark logo, and so on Insert text keywords, etc.

2、 Soft text promotion

This method is not unfamiliar to you, such as microblog, public account, all kinds of soft text promotion.

So how to promote the soft text?

Regular soft text should be analyzed in advance, and the leading keywords, customer appellation terms, competitive words, long tail keywords and so on should be made in advance, and the title of soft text should be written on the basis of this.

For example, the soft text of weight loss products, more is that two people have been together for several years, but because of XX, the woman became obese, and then she was dumped; Because a friend recommended XX products, how much weight has been reduced in three months (the last comparison chart), and now the man has come back to chase her, but she has already looked down on it~

Most of them are the same.

3、 Classified information promotion

Compared with Baidu products, this method has a lower weight, of course, the traffic is also low, and a large number of related brands are gathered together, and the traffic will not be as high as the methods mentioned above; But the advantage of this method is the simplest, fastest and most labor-saving.

In addition to play a promotional role, these B2B classified information websites have a good weight, in these sites left outside the chain of their own website SEO will also play a great help.

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   4、 Free consultation program

The purpose of consulting is to collect customer information, enhance customer trust and promote transaction transformation. The medical industry is used to this method.

   5、 Knowledge marketing

On the one hand, knowledge marketing can solve the cognitive confusion of consumers and potential users, and increase the brand stickiness of network crowd. On the other hand, it establishes the image of industry question answering experts and rapidly improves the reputation of enterprises.

   6、 List marketing

Brand ranking marketing solves the problems of brand exposure, ranking on Baidu homepage and brand word-of-mouth of powerful enterprises. Big data research shows that brand ranking is the best way to influence high-quality consumers.

In fact, the starting point of all promotion methods is customer intention, and the common point of all promotion methods is to find the content that customers may be interested in, and embed the content we need to promote into it, so as to attract customers' attention and complete the process of customer discovery, active understanding, trust building and transaction completion.

Free, of course Network promotion This may be the way to do it, but it is not that simple words can fully grasp it. Some key points of free promotion, such as: "how to determine keywords? What kind of keywords to determine? What method to use for promotion? Is the business suitable for paid promotion or free promotion?..."

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