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Shenyang Younuo Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shenyang, the capital of Liaoning Province. It is a technology-based company dedicated to providing "Internet +" solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. Its business scope covers: website infrastructure construction, search engine promotion, wechat platform construction, wechat small program production, office marketing system development and other fields.   

two thousand and eighteen Years, after six In order to provide better localized service to customers, the company has made good reputation and outstanding achievements ten On the beautiful seaside city --- Yingkou established its first wholly-owned subsidiary, Yingkou Zhixing e-commerce Co., Ltd. At the same time, in order to accurately grasp the needs of customers, yono technology has added enterprise brand packaging planning on the basis of the original Internet business, vi Design , Propaganda film production and other projects.

two thousand and nineteen year eight The second subsidiary of yueyunuo Technology --- Shenyang yonuo Network Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established, and its intellectual property application, we media publicity, shaking sound, quick hand short video production and operation services were officially launched.

Today's yono technology has grown into a comprehensive company that can provide comprehensive marketing planning services for enterprises, It has: two service areas (Shenyang, Yingkou) and three service platforms (yono technology, Zhixing technology, yonuo network technology) and multi-dimensional service projects (website construction, promotion and optimization, wechat marketing, brand design, short video operation, intellectual property protection, etc.) to meet the marketing needs of all customers in a one-stop manner. With advanced technology Of Operation concept, good service awareness, professional business ability, innovative solutions, excellent enterprises development The mode, Yunuo technology has been used in Liaoshen area two thousand Many enterprises provide satisfactory service!

Yono has always pursued Respect yourself and your lover Enterprise culture and Sincere struggle, gratitude and solidarity Enterprise spirit! Friendly, open and rigorous company atmosphere and Science Democracy Standardized management mechanism There are a large number of outstanding talents, including excellent e-commerce operation experts and professional enterprises vi Designers And experienced advertising media people A complete enterprise promotion system ensures that every employee can realize his own value in Yunuo.  

With the rapid development of network economy, yono has reached strategic cooperation with dozens of domestic organizations and professional institutions with its own unique competitive advantages and strength! We believe that Yunuo company will become the loyal guard and pioneer of your enterprise development, Yunuo: excellent quality, keep promise.

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