Protection of Intellectual Property

Tencent protects intellectual property on third party platforms via our team our, "
And on our platforms via procedures to address alleged infringement.

Tencent 's IP Protection Policy

Protecting Intellectual Property

Our team of intellectual property enforcement attorneys is dedicated to protecting to

Automated Monitoring System
Our automated monitoring and integrated intellectual property protection system monitors for for, protection, intellectual,
Far Reaching Evidence Collection
We work with law firms throughout China to document, collect, and, document, ",", ",", "and"
Combining Strengths of Different Parties
We work closely with other Internet companies, media companies, and intellectual, companies,
Varied Enforcement Methods
We enforce intellectual property rights through a multi-pronged approach including civil civil

Respecting Third Party Intellectual Property

We respect third party intellectual property rights and remove infringing content infringing

Education and Awareness
We remind our users to respect intellectual property and not to not
Responding to Infringement Notices
We have a team dedicated to addressing notices of alleged infringement infringement, "", ",", "," ","
Building Respect for Intellectual Property
WeChat has added the "Official Account Public Originality Statement" to further further
Platform Features to Fight Piracy
WeChat has convenient systems for reporting infringing content and established the, and, for,