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  • Group 1: two hundred and twelve million five hundred and sixty-one thousand one hundred and thirteen Group 2: two hundred and sixteen million nine hundred and seventy-one thousand one hundred and sixty
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Lele Fish Party Online – Experience the fun of chasing and avoiding

Lele Fish Gathering Online is a casual and competitive online game developed by Seastar Games. Players incarnate as a fish in the game, chasing each other and trying various game modes.

In the big fish eat small fish mode, players can eat smaller fish and then become larger. When players maximize, players become invincible, the fastest, and cannot be eaten by other fish; In the egg stealing mode, the player wants to steal eggs from the other party's nest, and then smoothly transport them back to his own nest. The first party to obtain the number of eggs required in the level will win; In addition, there are more modes waiting for players to explore, such as boss war, dodgeball, bean fish, etc.

During the game, various props will appear in the scene, such as ink. After being released, other fish in the range can be invisible for a certain period of time, such as lightning. When players click skills, they can speed up their own speed. In addition to these, there are many other props.

Another great pleasure in the game is equipment. Players can wear all kinds of equipment to dress up their fish and make their fish different.