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The Qiandun team created the Qiandun anti computation technology, which is applied to the core of the anti-counterfeiting system. Combining our understanding of enterprise applications and rich practical experience over the years,
The performance of China 12315 anti-counterfeiting traceability system is unique in the industry. In addition to excellent performance, China's 12315 anti-counterfeiting traceability system has not had a safety accident in the past five years, and excellent performance is rare in the industry!



The system of "one product, one label, anti-counterfeiting code/logistics code/traceability code" independently developed by Qiandun solves the problems of counterfeit products and fleeing of dealers
The problem of not selling at the price required by the company. The money that enterprises need to spend is just the money of an ordinary anti-counterfeiting label. Really help enterprises to spend one cent to do three cents.


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We are grateful to our customers for "cooperation, which stems from trust, but also from our shared vision for the future"


About Qiandun

Xiamen Qiandun Information Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in March 2013, with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, and located in the Railway Building, Siming District, Xiamen City; The company's two major independent brands: "China 12315 Anti counterfeiting" and "Qiandun Traceability". Over the past five years, Qiandun people have been firmly committed to anti-counterfeiting traceability and benefiting the society, focusing on the cause of Qiandun anti-counterfeiting traceability with extremely strict standards. The Qiandun team created the Qiandun anti computation technology, which is applied to the core of the anti-counterfeiting system. Based on years of understanding and rich practical experience of Qiandun team on enterprise applications, the performance of Qiandun anti-counterfeiting traceability system is well known in the industry. In the past five years, the Qiandun anti-counterfeiting traceability system has never had a security accident, and it has excellent performance as an industry model!

With excellent products and services, the Qiandun anti-counterfeiting traceability system was recognized by the Market Supervision Administration in 2016. It has completed the docking of enterprise information and government systems, and will cooperate with enterprises in responding to national policies in the future to meet the national requirements for the full traceability of goods from manufacturing to circulation to consumers.

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