Shenyang ceramic tile price


Wood grain ceramic tile

From wood, from wood, Natural porcelain wood,
Fresh and refreshing Set a good time Easier than solid wood

Nsisn nyasen ceramic tile

Focusing on the ceramic customization industry for 13 years, we have been forging ahead against the wind and cutting through the thorns. Now we have maintained good cooperative relations with more than 30 decoration companies. At the same time, we have three brand flagship stores in Shenyang, which are located in Hunnan, Tiexi and Dadong districts; Since March 2017, it has been awarded "national excellent team and best store material layout" by brand manufacturers. At present, the company is committed to the exploration and development stage of online we media and offline park market.


Case appreciation Classical Chinese style american style european style New Chinese style Modern simplicity

Classical Chinese style

american style

european style

Modern simplicity

Niyasen, Shenyang Ceramic tile sales center

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