Original course Representation and conversion of Day7

What a simple lesson Learn the conversion of base number. In the computer, we usually have four kinds of base system. 1、 Binary in binary, there are only 0 and 1, binary operation follows every two into one. In Python, you cannot enter a binary number directly. ...

Original course New understanding of Day6

Hi, good evening. After five days of study, we have finished the introduction. Next, I'm going to learn about the basic types in Python. 1、 From the number of primary school, this is the classification. Primary school, or kindergarten, learning 1,2,3, this is called

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Original course Day5 interaction mode

IDE (integrated development environment) is very convenient, but I don't recommend that novices use ide when they come to learn python. It's better to use Python's interaction mode at the beginning, which makes you print less. 1、 Review yesterday taught you to install python, one of the steps is to verify that your Python can work properly

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Original course Installation of day4 Python

After today, you are a python rookie. The future is bright and promising. (serious face) first of all, I want to tell you such a thing before we start the installation. In that class yesterday, I showed you the lifecycle of various versions of Python. Finally, I emphasize that

Original course Day3 starts with downloading

Learn programming Road, die not to download installation package. For beginners, this is a very difficult step. Article: Mu Ruoxi 01 wrong operation search keywords: Python installation package

Original course How does Day2 learn Python?

When it comes to programming, many people will persuade themselves to quit: my English is not good! I can't do math! In fact, programming is very simple, I have tried, in three days to teach a number of zero basis high school students, to achieve the help of Baidu, according to their own ideas, to write programs and run, troubleshooting

Original course Why does Day1 learn Python?

Why do you want to learn Python? This is a question that must be answered. In recent years, python has been highly praised by people. Various training advertisements in the circle of friends, as well as big men such as Pan Shiyi, have taken the lead to support python. In addition, news such as being included in primary school textbooks, college entrance examination contents, and computer grade examination items, people firmly believe that