Software download VMware Workstation Pro 16.0.0 simplified official Chinese installation registration version

The most powerful and easy to use VMware virtual machine software under Windows system has been updated to VMware Workstation Pro 15.0.0. With VMware Workstation pro, you can run multiple operating systems as virtual machines (including windows virtual machines) on a single windows or Linux PC

Software download DPCA kms elegant collection microkms Lite v20.09.06

Today, bloggers introduce a kms activation tool that can activate Microsoft products online. It is the Dragon version of microkms. Microkms dragon version is also a kms activation tool written by webmaster of the United States. It uses kms server built by webmaster himself and has been running stably for several years. From

Software download Download the new tool Baidu hammer

It's been a long time since I've been busy with my "learn a hammer" series. I don't have time to study some wonderful operations that you can't learn. After seeing this update log today, I think it's time to update it. In fact, there are many Baidu online disk download tools recently, such as the resurrection version

Original course Day15 tuple

These lessons are very similar to the last class. I was going to copy and paste the copy of the last lesson, but I think that I am a conscientious and diligent writer who never pigeons. I'd better fight by hand. The data type in this lesson is called tuple. He learned from yesterday

Original course Day14 list

The content is short but important ~ Author: muruoxi began to learn new data types today. Let's start by reviewing the data types you've learned before. Type (123) type ('This is text ') type (true) remember these three types? The type of study in this lesson is called list

Original course Floating point operation of day13

I've been busy a while ago. I started to resume normal update today. Thanks for the time @ Mr. Jiang has been taking care of the public account for me. It's hard work. Article: Mu Ruoxi ▍ text first to do math together, it is very simple. 1.2 + 1.21.2 + 1.2 + 1.220.19 * 1000.1 + 0.2

Life ambition Later we, and love hand in hand?

Time flies. It's been a year since I left you. Now I can fall asleep in the music. In my spare time, sometimes I read the Bible and pray for my family and me. When the weather is fine, I will go climbing. Thank you for curing my laziness. When the wind blows, I still think of you, but do you want to

Original course Day12 "variable"

I seem to have misunderstood Mr. Jiang's meaning. He said that it is natural to add the advanced level of watermarks. My appearance seems to have been invisible. (Jiang Chen secretly changed the manuscript note: I mean to combine the watermark and the original image into one, which makes people think that the watermark should have been on the picture. Reference it home

Original course Day11 string operation

Let's first look at string addition. Of course, we call it string splicing in programming terms. 'hello' +'World ', please forget the print () of the last lesson for a moment. It's convenient to learn in interactive mode. We can try different types. For example: 'MOOC this year' + 17 +

Original course Day10 escape character

Escape character is a special kind of character in our programming. Its special performance is as follows: it is endowed with special functions by the program syntax, and it cannot be seen and its effect. For example, in the previous lesson, we made a newline output of 'hello world', as shown in the above figure, which is an escape character

Original course Watermark removal rule ublock origin version

In the previous series of tutorials in Chrome's Guide to supernatural beings, I taught you how to remove watermarks from some websites by using advertising filters or oil monkey scripts. Today, some netizens left a message saying that the designed watermark rule is invalid. This In principle, I teach

Original course Day9 string

What is a string Baidu Encyclopedia: string or string is a string of characters composed of numbers, letters and underscores. It is generally recorded as s = A1A2 ··· an "(n > = 0). It is a data type that represents text in a programming language. In programming, a string is a symbol or a numeric value

Original course On website construction

Recently, many resource websites have been closed, but there are still many people who want to get involved in this circle. I will introduce some things simply, typing in the group every day, I am also tired. 1、 How does the income of station construction come from? The big income comes from selling resources, that is, the so-called membership system. Of course, some people like to receive

Original course Day8 boolean type and complex number

Bool type is a very new term for students who are exposed to programming for the first time. Boolean is the name of a mathematician. Because of his outstanding contribution in symbolic logic operation, in the field of computer, logical operation is called Boolean operation, and its result is called Boolean value. In fact, P

Original course Representation and conversion of Day7

The content of this lesson is too simple The conversion of learning system. In the computer, we usually have four kinds of base system. 1、 Binary in binary, there are only 0 and 1, binary operation follows every two into one. In Python, you cannot enter a binary number directly. ...