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 Efficient mechanical lb-939ma front help machine
  • Outstanding features / high efficiency mechanical lb-939ma front help machine

  • Upgrade 1: claw pan traverse
  • Upgrade 2: the front and rear position of claw plate can be adjusted at will
  • Upgrade 3: rising speed of the second stage of the brace
  • Upgrade 4: table function of operation box
  • Upgrade 5: gravimeter positioning
  • Upgrade 6: waist connection
  • Upgrade 7: quick change of retainers
  • Upgrade 8: automatic adjustment of upper tension
  • Upgrade 9: optional automatic gluing
  • Specifications

  • Dimension (L × w × h)
  • Packing size (L × w × h)
  • Yield 2200 pairs / 8Hr
  • Electric heating ma1600w / B: 500W
  • Service pressure 30-50kg / cm2
  • Hydraulic oil standard: anti-wear 68 ා, cold area recommended to use 46 ා. 110 liters.
  • Specifications

  • Pump: 19littres
  • Fuel tank: 60litres
  • Horsepower: Hp4
  • Transformer: 3.0kw
  • Voltage: 380V
  • Machine size: mm1110 × 1660 × 1830h
  • Machine package size: mm1150 × 1850 × 1920h
  Rc-959 intelligent hydraulic automatic gluing machine
  • Rc-959 intelligent hydraulic automatic gluing machine

  • Equipped with a claw quick adjustment mechanism, it can quickly locate according to the shape of the rib in a few seconds.
  • With PLC control, it can store 200 types of shoes.
  • The kneading claw can be adjusted quickly, and the shape of claw, fastener and sweeper is low.
  • Unique automatic balance hydraulic system, the upper does not run, the back of shoes is compact.
 Rc81sm automatic gluing machine
  • Rc81sm automatic gluing machine

  • The middle and back upper machine is formed and bound in one time, which is compact, time-saving and labor-saving
  • Unique left and right foot automatic transfer gluing function, point type precise glue line
  • Middle upper compression and binding structure, automatic balance, to ensure the automatic fit of the middle upper
  • Adopt advanced PLC electric control system, accurate and sensitive; computer memory storage of 200 kinds of shoes, ready to use
  • It's more compact with two upper panels
  • Quick and accurate adjustment
  • Specifications

  • Dimension (L × w × h)
  • Capacity: 2000 pairs / 8Hr
  • Net weight N.W: 1200 kgs
  • Gross weight G.W: supplied by our company
  • Power: 2HP
  • Heating: 2500W
  • Oil pressure: 45kg / cm2
  • Hydraulic oil standard: 100 liters.

Automatic memory universal pressing machine T72 / AB PLC

Automatic memory universal press machine-T72/AB PLC

1. The application of automatic memory linear fitting technology can solve the problem of uneven pressure of sole fitting, and further reduce the production cost.

2. The unique pressure balancing technology solves the running problem of shoe last and upper, and greatly improves the texture of shoes.

3. The precise positioning technology of the toe solves the deformation problem of the pointed shoe last and ensures the consistency of shoe styles.

4. According to the strict European safety production standards, the occurrence probability of industrial accidents in the production process is reduced, and the accident risk is reduced for enterprises. hydraulic universal sole pressing machine has automatic forming level, more information rubber department organization will be displayed on the bottom right corner of the top of the shoe. This machine has PLC channel, which can keep the shape of shoes in the ideal state.

Product specification:
Daily average output: 1500 pairs
Horsepower: hp1,5
Maximum working pressure: 80 pa
Minimum pressure: in the peak period of shoe making (to avoid labor accidents)
Maximum pressure: pressure in actual operation
Pressure change: from 0 "- 60"
Air consumption: 20 L / 6 pa
Net weight: 850kg
Gross weight: 990kg
Machine size: 97cm × 100 × 187h
Machine package size: 115cm × 115 × 205h

Product application

 Heel nailing machine
 Heel nailing machine
 Back up machine

"Blue wave king" brand series products are shoes machine equipment developed and manufactured by Dongguan air show Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. The company is located in Houjie Town, Dongguan City, which is a famous manufacturing city in the world. We have a highly efficient engineering team of experts, engineers and technicians in the machinery industry. With them as the technical pillar, we have honed and competed in the environment of many advanced shoe-making equipment enterprises. We have broken through many key technical difficulties and created our excellent quality