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Kongming Technology (Zhongtian Weiyang) is committed to providing one-stop data service solutions driven by big data technology and algorithm models for all walks of life, assisting enterprises in building data mining capability systems in consumer, energy, health, commercial real estate and other industries, and realizing data asset appreciation. Kongming Technology (Zhongtian Weiyang) is committed to providing one-stop data services driven by big data technology and algorithm models for all industries, and assisting enterprises in building data application systems and realizing data asset appreciation in consumption, energy, health and other industries.

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Elemental general data science platform

A visual data mining tool and supporting components based on cloud computing. The bottom layer of distributed computing based on HADOOP distributed storage and SPARK does not need programming, quickly models, integrates big data machine learning algorithms, and provides efficient insight into deep mining data. It allows enterprises to easily conduct in-depth data mining without consuming a lot of capital and time costs. It supports the docking of data in various formats, and supports the output of user-defined modules, dashboards, API applications, etc. Elemental general data science platform, based on distributed architecture design, no programming, rapid modeling, integration of multiple machine learning higher-order algorithms, one click BI display, provides enterprises with efficient in-depth mining and data insight.

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Data assistance, enabling Marketer
Better digital marketing

Data driven marketing solutions, multi-channel information collection, online and offline data integration, in-depth member information mining and precise locking, and integration of AI and digital marketing enable consumers to fully understand goods and brand owners to accurately target consumer groups.

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At present, it serves dozens of internationally renowned enterprises and spans many industries. More than 200 young teams are stationed in Beijing, Shanghai and other places. We look forward to joining you along the way to do something different!