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Description of ECS operating system selection


1、 Operating system selection suggestions

1. Windows

1.1) The Win2003 system contains genuine activation, and other versions of the system need to be activated by themselves.

1.2) It is suitable for running programs developed under Windows, such as. net.

1.3) Support SQL Server and other databases (self installation required).

1.4) You can use remote desktop login for management.

2. Linux, Some nodes may not be upgraded to the latest kernel due to the lower kernel version, and the system is damaged and cannot be started. Please do not update

2.1.1) The most popular server-side operating system, with strong security and stability.

2.1.2) Free and open source, easy to build and compile source code.

2.1.3) Access your ECS remotely through SSH.

2.1.4) It is generally used for server applications such as high-performance web, supports common programming languages such as PHP/Python, and supports databases such as MySQL (self installation required).  

     2.2 CentOS (recommended)

Please use yum mode to install software online.    

   2.3 Ubuntu

Please install the software online in aptitude mode.  

   2.4 Debian

Please use apt get to install the software online.


2、 Precautions

1. Replace the operating system  

Please back up the data of all disks before changing the system. Changing the operating system of ECS will directly reset the system disk [IP unchanged], and the system disk data will be lost!    

Please note:

1.1. Changing the operating system will change the ECS system disk to a new image, and the data of the original system disk will be lost.

1.2. The data on the ECS data disk will not be affected, but cannot be used or accessed due to different disk formats.

1.3. Our company will not be responsible for the data loss caused by your failure to back up the personal data related to the system disk.  

2. Selection of CPU/memory and operating system  

2.1) If you need to select/change more than 4G of memory, please select 64 bit operating system (32-bit operating system has addressing restrictions).

2.2) Windows 32-bit operating system supports a maximum CPU of 4 cores and a maximum memory of 4G.