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What are the causes of unstable website ranking


The unstable website ranking is believed to be a problem that many webmasters have encountered, but some webmasters just can't find the problem. They can't find the reason by comparing all the algorithms. Today we will talk about the website What causes the unstable ranking.


We believe that what every webmaster must do every morning is to open the query tool or query the keyword ranking of his website through Baidu search engine, such as a keyword ranking. The first thing I do every day is to open the browser, enter 6788, and check the keyword ranking of my website. Sometimes it is the second, sometimes the third, anyway, it is ups and downs, which makes people confused. I also believe that the major webmasters sometimes work hard for a long time and suddenly rank outside 100.
I don't know whether the major webmasters also have this problem. We always hope that the website has a stable ranking and needs to rise steadily. So what should we do, or make a long-term plan? Now let's share my little test experience and some problems that you didn't notice.
1、 (1) First ensure that the website is not over optimized

Many webmasters are always sending out links and optimizing, but they have never considered it. Baidu now attaches great importance to the over optimization after the Lvluo algorithm and the Pomegranate algorithm, which has a great impact on the website ranking. Especially when you send a lot of links, the next day you find that all the keywords are outside 100, and the website weight is 0, Only then do you know how to write regret.

(2) Solution: Make a reasonable plan to promote the external chain every day, such as how many external chains are published every day (Ps: I suggest 7-10 external chains every day is the best), ensure the quality of the external chain, which is the first task. Try not to publish junk links, and you can do jump links. Here's a way to teach you. First, you can publish content on large websites such as B2B, Then go to the high weight forum and do this B2B jump link. The link effect should be good, and it has also reached a certain inclusion. The other is soft link.

2、 The website has too much pseudo original content

Baidu webmaster platform released Baidu's original Spark Plan online on June 20, and I believe webmasters have seen it. So for our webmaster, we should consider giving up searching for resources on the Internet and modifying them into our own website content, which is particularly taboo now. Baidu spiders are just like animals looking for food. They like the new and hate the old. So we always emphasize originality and absolute originality, so that we can have more rankings. If you haven't seen Baidu's Spark Plan, you can go to Baidu webmaster platform to see it (Ps: Baidu Spark Plan goes online: )。

3、 The structure of the website is not good

Many people may know this, but they don't know what the best website structure is. Here are some suggestions for you. Especially the novice webmaster must pay attention to.

(1) Website navigation: Website navigation plays the role of output. It is better to make a secondary navigation for each surface industry of the inner page, so that spiders can crawl reasonably to improve the weight.

(2) Dynamic and static website: It is better to set the website page as a static page. If you are a dynamic page, you should pay attention not to write endless loops to cover spiders. Once found, your website will be in great danger.

(3) Banner of the website: If there is a banner on the homepage of your website, I suggest that the best thing is to use the picture banner, then divide the picture into several parts, and add corresponding keywords to each part. I suggest that Banner not use flash. Everyone knows that the search engine will not recognize flash.


These are the main culprits of the unstable website ranking. As long as these problems are properly handled, I believe that the website ranking of webmasters and friends will not fluctuate too much. Of course, if you have other server hosting, server rental, host hosting and other needs and problems, you can also understand the online customer service of the whole network data.