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Solution to the problem of automatic logoff after remote connection of Win2003 server is disconnected


Problem description

After you open the web page on the server, turn off the remote control. After a while, the web page will not work. I logged in remotely with my account and found that it was a brand new desktop. The running programs are missing.

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Start ->Run ->gpedit.msc Computer Configuration ->Management Templates ->Windows Components ->Terminal Services ->SessionChange "Set Time Limit for Disconnected Sessions" to "Not Configured". If the running software automatically closes after the remote desktop connection has been disconnected for a period of time through the above operations, the following operations should be performed: Start>Run>tscc.msc connection>RDP Tcp right click properties>The session should change the settings of the alternate user settings to Never and never check.

If it does not take effect, you can do the following: Start ->All Programs ->Management Tools ->Local Security Policy ->Local Policy ->Security Options: microsoft network server: automatically log off the user when the logon time runs out, and change it to Disabled. Microsoft network server: the idle time required before suspending a session is changed to 99999, which actually disables this policy. Finally, if possible, log in to the server with administrator once.

The most critical step: when you log in to the remote server, do not directly click the remote desktop program“ ×”, You can't click logout. It is very important to click Start Shutdown Disconnect on the desktop of the remote server.