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Modify windows remote desktop port


Method 1: Modify the registry

Open "Start" ->"Run" of the Windows system, enter "regedit", confirm, open the registry, and make two modifications (one is indispensable):

1. Enter the following registry paths in sequence:

 HKEY_ LOCAL_ MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\TerminalServer\Wds\rdpwd\Tds\tcp


Find the PortNamber value in the right window. The default value is 3389. Change it to the desired port (note that the base should be decimal), for example, 2345.

2. Enter the following registry path in sequence:

 HKEY_ LOCAL_ MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControSet\Control\Tenninal  Server \WinStations\RDP - Tcp

The PortNumber value can also be found in the right window

3. It takes effect after restarting the ECS.

Method 2: Use third-party tools

  1. Download and use the tool. Server Remote Desktop Port Modification Tool. (There are many such tools on the Internet, so here are not some examples.)
  2. It takes effect after the ECS is restarted.