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Guardian · Master Nginx One click installation Nginx+PHP+MySQL+FTP+PhpMyAdmin
Automatically configure Nginx, support the latest PHP version, support pseudo static, support SSL certificates, and open hosts and databases online

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Functional features Function & Features

Permanent free use Nginx Master is completely free, without any cost, without any functional restrictions, efficient and stable!

One click installation of Nginx website One click installation configuration Nginx, PHP+MySQL+FTP+PhpMyAdmin+pseudo static.

Multi PHP version support The online application store supports the latest multiple versions of PHP. Each website can use different versions of PHP and switch freely.

MySQL security reinforcement MySQL is secured during system installation; The root password of each user is randomly generated to prevent cracking.

Built in Memcached The distributed cache system can quickly improve the database query speed; The system comes with it by default, and no additional configuration is required.

Server security detection Carry out security detection on the server for free to find out security vulnerabilities. The Guardian God has more than 10 years of safety protection experience to protect you.

Support for SSL certificates Quickly open https, import SSL certificates online, say goodbye to the complicated manual import configuration steps, and improve the security level of the website.

Support Openresty With dual engine support, you can switch between the Openresty version and the official version online to enjoy more library support.