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Hanging horse cleaning tools


Guard God - Horse mounted Cleaning Tool Batch cleaning of malicious code in web pages and databases, permanent free
Support quick search of malicious code in web pages, Access, SQL Server, MySQL, and quick cleaning of malicious code from massive files
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Software version: Ver2.3

Software size: 2.71 MB

System requirements: Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016

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Hanging horse cleaning tool Ver2.3

Updated on: March 3, 2014

1. Support text hanging horse, Access database hanging horse, SQL Server database hanging horse, MySQL database hanging horse can be efficiently and accurately cleaned;
2. One or more groups of signature search rules can be customized, and the four parts of the rules can be transferred to each other to facilitate the rapid completion of processing tasks;
3. Text files supporting GBK, GB2312, UTF8 and other encoding formats;
4. Access cleaning supports Access 2000/2002/2003, and