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Security alert about TeamViewer client being controlled remotely


Dear customers


Our company received a security warning. Recently, the hacker organization APT41 launched a network attack on TeamViewer and successfully took down the background management system of TeamViewer, enabling the hacker organization to access and control any client with TeamViewer installed.  

It is suggested to take the following measures for active prevention:

1. Recently, stop using TeamViewer remote management software and check the server.  

2. Prohibit the use of TeamViewer remote communication port 5938 in the firewall.  

3. By setting the firewall, the host is prohibited from connecting to the domain name. In view of the above situation, security incidents may occur, causing serious impact.

Please take the initiative to protect yourself after receiving the notice:

1. It is recommended to set filtering rules in the firewall to block the hosts remotely controlled by TeamViewer;  

2. It is recommended not to use TeamViewer as a remote tool for remote control in the near future. If there is a need for remote control, please use an alternative product, such as sunflower;  

3. It is recommended to prevent and deal with network attacks or host exceptions in a timely manner. If necessary, please contact us, and we will serve you wholeheartedly!  

KaiVPS October 12, 2019