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The best solution after the website domain name is blocked (blocked, blocked, harmonious)


1、 Domain name is blocked: if the domain name pings but the website cannot be opened (excluding server downtime), it can be opened by proxy or VPN. Generally, the domain name is blocked.
If the website under the domain name has many illegal information, is sensitive, and does not correct, it will be directly blocked by G.F.W., which is commonly said to be blocked, blocked, and harmonious. As a result, the access to the domain name is impossible, but the resolution is normal. At this time, domain names cannot be used at home, but can be accessed and used abroad.
1. Resolve the domain name to a major station in China (such as Baidu), and it may be unsealed in a few days, depending on your personality;
2. Exchange for domestic space;
3. Change the domain name (resolve the wall domain name to the domestic space, and then do 301 redirection to the new domain name to reduce the loss of traffic and weight).

2、 The domain name is intermittently blocked: if it can be opened intermittently, it can be opened by a foreign agent when it cannot be opened, indicating that the domain name is intermittently blocked (of course, this situation may also be caused by the instability of domestic DNS resolution).
If there is illegal information on the website under the domain name, it will not be opened for the time being, and it can be opened again after the meeting. Generally, it is judged as intermittent shielding. The processing method is to delete the keywords of sensitive information entries.

3、 IP blocked: If ping fails, it can be opened by using a foreign agent. Generally, it can be determined that the IP is blocked.
Note: Generally speaking, if your domain name resolution address is foreign, it will be blocked. If you bind a domestic IP address, it will not be blocked.
1. If a domain name is found to be blocked, it is better to resolve the domain name immediately instead of keeping it on your server.
2. Most domain names are blocked because there are too many illegal keywords on the website, leading to the "Great Wall Firewall" on China's international exports blocking the information of this domain name. Therefore, even if you change the domain name many times, you will be in danger of being blocked. The solution is to install a keyword blocking system on your server to block sensitive words, so that your site can be effectively protected from being blocked again. If the keyword interception system is not installed, the website content should be rectified to check whether the relevant keywords will violate the regulations. If you can't find them by yourself, the best way is to redo the website to ensure that the domain name will not be blocked.
3. How to judge whether a domain name is blocked: it is not accessible at home, but can be accessed abroad. The test can be accessed through online web proxy.
4. The associated impact of the blocked domain name: After each visitor visits the blocked domain name once, he or she cannot visit another site on the same IP within 5-20 minutes. If the domain name that is blocked is resolved to a certain IP address, the entire IP address will eventually be blocked. Whether the domain name is queried by the wall Address: