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Description of packet loss when selecting a foreign server to ping IP


When purchasing a foreign server, it is generally impossible to try it first and then launch it. It is often through providing customers with IP and then testing the access speed? According to the customer, our access to foreign servers/VPS in mainland China suddenly becomes very slow. After pinging, we find that the packet loss rate is very high. Is it the overseas server/vps/machine room that has problems?

In fact, 90% of this situation is due to the artificial intervention of China's international exports (or the intervention of China Telecom or China Netcom), and no one can do anything about it during this period. Especially, this phenomenon can be found in almost all computer rooms in the United States, which lasts for 30 minutes - several hours each time.

What should I do? Is this often the case?

There is no way to intervene but to wait. In 2009, this kind of situation usually occurred once every three months, and returned to normal within three hours each time. During this time, the frequency of this phenomenon will be higher. In 2009, all computer rooms in the United States took turns in this situation, affecting hundreds of thousands of servers in computer rooms each time.

  How can I know that the server/vps is normal?

In addition, find a foreign server or a foreign VPS to access and ping your server. If it is normal, it is the above problem. Click this pinging website, enter your server IP, and use servers from all over the world to ping. If most nodes except China are pinging normally, this is the above situation.  
Change to another Internet access mode for testing. For example, if you are a telecom ADSL user, you can let Netcom/Unicom users in other cities test. If you are Netcom, you can test other cities' telecom networks. If it is the intervention of China Telecom or China Unicom, the test is effective.