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[Important notice] The system automatically deletes the machine that has not been renewed for three days


      Important notice: We will notify customers by email of products that are about to expire. Please fill in the reserved email correctly, and replace your frequently used email address immediately if you do not use it frequently. Otherwise, we have nothing to do with factors such as not receiving email reminders, forgetting to renew and delete the fees!
Customers who are about to expire should recharge the corresponding balance in their accounts and choose VPS automatic renewal. Otherwise, if they do not renew in time after the expiration, they will be shut down for processing. The data will be kept for 3 days, and the system will automatically delete it after 3 days, and the data will not be retrieved. Please be careful!
Recently, several customers have contacted us about whether they can retrieve the data after 3 days of expiration. In this case, we can't do anything about it. We suggest you renew your subscription in advance, so as not to forget to renew your subscription and cause the data to be unrecoverable!
The independent server is shut down when it expires on the same day! If the customer is not contacted for special reasons, we can keep the data for 3 days. If the server inventory is tight, we will not keep the data. Customers who are about to expire should renew 1-3 days in advance. Thank you for your support!!