• CPU:
    1 core 2 cores 4-core 8 cores 16 cores
  • Memory:
    512 M 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB
  • Storage:
    10 GB 20 GB 40 GB 50 GB
  • Port:



  • Flow:



  • System:
  • IP address:
    1 2
  • Backup Set:

Virtual Machine Configuration Preview


Virtual Machine Product Introduction

1、 15 minute delivery
The smart cloud host is fully automated, no manual process is required, payment is made at any time, and the host installation/environment deployment is completed and delivered for use within 15 minutes.
2、 Elastic calculation
The virtual machine can be upgraded at any time according to the user's use needs, and the memory and data disks can be upgraded within 5 minutes, and the bandwidth can be upgraded seamlessly without downtime.
3、 Self service management
The smart cloud host provides a web control panel, through which users can restart, reinstall, and upgrade the smart cloud host at any time without calling or submitting a work order.

4、 The following illegal uses are prohibited

A、 Ordinary complaint email (infringement website, virus website)
B、 Illegal websites: (pornographic, gambling, political, phishing and other illegal websites)
C、VPN、 External attack, scanning port class
D、 Spam promotion, virus blacklist

Once found, immediately stop the service, no refund, no data backup opportunity.
Please abide by national laws and regulations and use the server legally!