BiliBili toolkit – BiliBili toolbox

When I was exploring GitHub, I saw a very magical repo: Bili Bili live assistant. I don't usually play live TV, but I think this project is very interesting, so clone came down and ran a wave of it. It turns out that this thing is really black technology. It's full-automatic with small TV sets, which liberates productivity with one button! However, I didn't find the assistant of the main station after looking for a circle. I thought that I had not written anything else except the electronic control program of the robot in the past year. In addition, I was using ROS (robot operating system) in the early stage of the competition. I just learned Python more deeply. I firmly believe that Python is a good method, so I decided to build a wheel! So I used the Google Chrome developer tool to capture packages and requests library to create the BiliBili toolbox

Making an intelligent router with raspberry pi

Recently, I have been studying how to make the router in the dormitory better serve us, such as intelligent speed limit, automatic crossing the Great Wall, advertisement filtering and so on. So I began to learn intelligent routing operating systems such as padavan and Lede, and tried to cross compile software packages and configure various black technology plug-ins. I gained a lot. It happens that the last course design of embedded platform application course I took this semester is to let us use raspberry pie to do something interesting. I immediately thought that raspberry Pie 3 has much better performance than most of the intelligent routing on the market. It also has a wireless network card on board. It can be built into an intelligent router!

Installing the vestacp control panel

An excellent host control panel can greatly reduce the difficulty of the user to configure the server. The first virtual host I rented was pre installed with the cPanel panel, which really made me realize the advantages of this kind of control panel. Compared with the traditional way of connecting to the remote host through SSH, typing in a series of commands and manually editing a large number of configuration files, this kind of Web graphical interface can simplify these complicated steps. This year, I moved the website to the one provided by Tencent cloud 1 yuan virtual machine Go ahead. After installing CentOS 7, I first tried to configure Apache / MySQL and other applications in the traditional way. After finding that the steps were too cumbersome, I turned to find a host control panel. As a result, I met VestaCP

Full platform favicon online generator –

Happy new year, everyone! I wonder if you have noticed some interesting changes in the small icon in front of my blog. Since this favicon is mentioned, today I would like to recommend a website: This is developed by a witty "crooked nut", which can automatically generate a set of favicon solutions suitable for mainstream platforms and browsers according to your requirements.

"Meng Sheng Cup" electronic design competition of University of Electronic Science and technology of China 2016 - simple calculator

Today, November 11, 2016, the annual "chop hands day.". After a day's hard work, I almost emptied the treasure I had accumulated in my shopping cart. Then I felt guilty and wanted to find something to do. Just this weekend is not too busy, I opened the dust laden blog, intend to write something casually. To be reasonable, I haven't made anything particularly interesting since the last article was published. In addition, just came to the University, there are a variety of new things to contact, and I am relatively lazy, so I stopped for nearly 4 months... So today, I will give me a brief summary and record of several freshmen electronic design competitions I did after I went to the University of Electronic Science and technology!

Sharing and extracting method of windows spotlight lock screen wallpaper

In the build 2015 conference, "windows focus" function made its debut. Only the home version of RTM includes this function. Because this function is highly praised, Microsoft has added it to enterprise and professional systems in th 2. Windows spotlight is a newly added lock screen wallpaper function in Windows 10. It is used to display different backgrounds when users log on and on each time, bringing a rich sense of mystery and freshness.

Magnetically linked catalyst – magnet URI catalyst

It is estimated that many of the projects will start to be filled in the next month due to the delay of the project. These days in order not to waste valuable summer vacation time, I wrote a small program. In summary, the function is to find the incomplete magnetic link in the clipboard and add the prefix to it, and then automatically copy it back to the clipboard. This program can process "mysterious code" efficiently, instead of the complex operation of manually adding the prefix of magnet protocol after copying.

Making a laser projector

The laser projector uses the X-Y scanner's rapid positioning to make two controllable accurate reflections of the laser beam and the visual persistence effect of the human eye to image.
When I was a sophomore in senior high school, I saw a translation on the fruit shell. It introduced a project of making a small laser projector in a foreign technical house. It has been more than 10 years since the publication of the original text. The author uses a self-made galvanometer, a self-designed controller and servo system. I think it can greatly reduce the difficulty by using Arduino / RPI and other single-chip microcomputer and high-speed motor with closed-loop control.
Due to the coming of senior three, I suspended this project. Now that the college entrance examination and self enrollment are finally over, I decided to restart this project.

Flat 2048 - Beauty table 2048 games

The summer vacation is coming to an end. As a senior three dog, I'm going to devote myself to endless struggle. Recently, I upgraded my original VB work, Metro 2048, and designed a new set of icons and interfaces. Due to the qualitative leap of the new work compared with the old one, I simply give it a new name: flat 2048! Flat (flat) design is very popular in many works.

Client state monitoring tool for tone network monitoring

I joined the keynote network monitoring alliance in the second year of junior high school and became one of the many monitoring points in the country. Say popular point, this is a high-end hang up net earn project. As a senior "industry person", I can get some remuneration as pocket money every month. The credibility of this platform is very good! So far, I have received more than 1000 yuan in return. Er, it seems that there are some biases... If you want to know about this platform and join it, please do it yourself. Today, I just want to release a little self-made software here~