Ali cloud ECS server environment to build

First, we need several tools:
1, xftp
2, xshell
3, Ali cloud Linux to install Web Environment
Here's a tool I packed: link: Http:// Password: y1la

First, the disk should be segmented and mounted. In turn, knock down the following order (after xshell connection is knocked in):
1, fdisk -l to see if there is disk data.
2, fdisk /dev/xvdb disk partition
3, there will be a hint after the partition command is knocked in, then enter "n", "P", "1", "two return", "WQ" in turn.
4. Mkfs.ext3 /dev/xvdb1 format partition

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Using Host to automatically update Sogou input method

In fact, there are many ways to update the Sogou input method program. Here we write a shield using host, which mainly shields the update sites.

How do I find these update sites? First, I can download them. The API debugging tool in the][2] page has a string extraction function, which is fast and accurate.

Then you can find the string.

It's all right to find the form of URLs. I found the following few, actually there are still several, here is not written.


Then add it to host and assign it to