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A reed

A reed, a group of passive reeds. A reaper, a group of sickle manipulators. Reed is necessary and thinking is unnecessary. Sometimes, reeds are not necessary, are they? Beside them, the reeds, all of them, are swaying with the wind. But what about wind? I clearly arrived at the wind, and the banyan tree in the distance remained motionless. I slowly swung until I thought I felt the wind. The wind, the wind, the big wind. Beside...

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New mindset

I can not deny that my mind has changed over the past two years, and I am very unsuited to it. It is very difficult, difficult, hard to get happy, heavy thinking, and far from reality and ideal plot. No matter who knows how to keep his style, he will not change. I don't like it either. I feel a little out of tune. Will the ideal society come? Some forced themselves to accept and integrate with embarrassment. But I'm not going to...

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Life documentary

It's another spring.

I have been reluctant to reveal this idea for about a year now. I have been reluctant to reveal it. Because my heart has scruples, leaving the company for a long time, but I feel that it has been a long time. I always feel that I do not like day after day. But I do not like the change more and more. Actually, I do not like the appearance of change. I just fear the process of change. I enjoy my life now. Every day I feel the new blood flowing into my body and letting every cell...

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Word, byte, bit

Bit: the smallest unit of data in an electronic computer. Each state can only be 0 or 1. bytes: 8 binary bits constitute 1 "Byte", which is the basic unit of measurement for storage space. A byte can store 1 English letters or half Chinese characters, that is to say: 1 characters occupy two byte storage space. The word "character" consists of several bytes, and the position of the word.

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One's words are obeyed, and one's plans are followed out sb.'s advice and adopt his plan

Now I think this word can find many corresponding examples. But I am not talking about the sense of trust that comes from having faith in someone. I am now working in a private enterprise. I am not sure whether other enterprises will be much better now. After working for some time, I began to find some problems. Most of us are managed by a small number of people.

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Life documentary

Magnified ignorance

 Magnified ignorance
It's like standing at the crossroads of fog. I don't know why I am working or because I am getting older and thinking more and more. I may not be so good at doing multitasking at the same time. I can't keep up with things that I find in my head. I feel that my ignorance is getting bigger and bigger. Imagine how wonderful it is to think that you can do a lot of things.

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Hiding is the most practical solution.

Whether it is deliberately observed or accidentally left, we must have seen such a scene. We put some messy things under the bed, and then the bedside cloth will be completely sheltered after putting down. Yes, this is my current state, and I call it "reasonable use of space", which may be the most appropriate way. However, I would disagree with others on other issues.

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I can't do anything.

More and more things are becoming more and more powerless. It can not be accepted or accepted. Time lets me gain, also lets me lose. I don't want to realize the importance of family members and health. Go home, pain, who knows your heart. Listen to the bed, gasp, cough, pretend to be used to it. Unexpectedly, it is futile to be so strong. I'm not excellent. I'm half a half away from half expected.

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What is time?

In fact, I am not prepared to explain the question of time exactly and scientifically. I have no intention of explaining it. I just feel that I can see the time clearly, and we can all see the time. You say time is a clock, time is now, or time is wrinkles on the face. A few days ago, I suddenly came up with an idea. I think time is a sport. Time is only due to exercise, and time is not independent.

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