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Shenzhou computer product standard service commitment (implemented from July 1, 2015)

(implemented from July 1, 2015)

1、 Service commitment

1. Product range of Shenzhou computer

Shenzhou computer products refer to the computers and peripheral products produced by Shenzhen Shenzhou computer Co., Ltd. It includes notebook, tablet computer, screen computer, desktop computer, monitor, peripheral products and pre installed / random software of Shenzhou computer.

2. National joint guarantee

No matter the products you buy and use in any area of the people's Republic of China (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), you can get service at any Shenzhou authorized service station in China if there is any hardware and software failure within the scope of Shenzhou computer service. You can get the relevant information of these service stations in the official website of Shenzhou computer (or the attached address book of service stations).

3. Service mode

Shenzhou screen computers and desktop computers (excluding single purchased monitors) are provided with door-to-door service for hardware failure; Shenzhou notebook computers, tablet computers, pre installed / random software and peripheral products are provided with the service mode of sending customers for repair.

Hardware failure on-site service means that customers will receive on-site repair service from Shenzhou computer or authorized service station (free of on-site service fee for users within 15 kilometers from the service station) in case of any non-human hardware failure of Shenzhou screen computer or desktop computer within one year from the date of purchase.

2、 Warranty details

1. From the date of purchase of this product (hereinafter referred to as "purchase date", subject to the official purchase invoice or San Bao certificate), Shenzhou computer will provide the following warranty for the desktop computer, screen computer and notebook you purchased:


2. One year warranty for tablet PC and accessories


① The keyboard in peripheral devices refers to the computer / desktop keyboard and the keyboard attached to the tablet computer;

② If the customer is unable to provide the corresponding valid purchase invoice or San Bao certificate of the product, the warranty period of the product will be calculated from the date of delivery corresponding to the serial number of the product body;

③ The battery is easy to wear and tear, and its service time is inversely proportional to the charge and discharge times. Therefore, the service life of the battery is reduced to normal with the service life, which is not within the scope of warranty.

3. The gifts (such as portable outsourcing, mouse, etc.) provided by the original factory of Shenzhou computer shall be guaranteed in accordance with relevant national regulations. For gifts not from the original factory of Shenzhou computer, the warranty shall be carried out in the manner specified in the activity.

4. The original agent and dealer shall be responsible for the service, warranty and technical support for the additional services, additional non original accessories and non original gifts promised by the agents and dealers.

5. The warranty period of accessories purchased separately (such as motherboard, adapter, hard disk, CPU, etc.) is 1 year (the battery is consumable, and the warranty period is 6 months).

6. No free inspection and maintenance service will be provided for the following situations. Shenzhou computer and its authorized service station will charge according to the "Shenzhou computer paid service charging standard".

a. The main engine or parts beyond the warranty period;

b. Problems and failures caused by the repair, configuration change, misoperation and improper setting of Shenzhou computer products by you or non Shenzhou computer and authorized service station service personnel;

c. The warranty identification label of Shenzhou computer is torn or damaged, which makes it impossible to identify;

d. Warranty certificate (such as San Bao card, invoice, etc.) is altered or the information is inconsistent with the product;

e. Failure to use according to the operation manual or in the use environment that does not conform to the product manual (such as the power system is not well grounded, the voltage is too high or too low, too wet or dry, too high altitude, abnormal physical pressure, electromagnetic interference, unstable power supply, electrostatic interference, input of non-standard voltage, etc.), causing damage to the host or components;

f. Shenzhou computer is required to provide software installation services (users need to provide genuine software), software troubleshooting, file system sorting, password clearing, etc;

g. Scratch, wear, damage, corrosion and other appearance defects appear on the software medium appearance;

h. Failure or damage caused by the use of pirated or other illegally authorized software, non-standard or unpublished software;

i. The installed or upgraded operating system is incompatible with other software not provided by Shenzhou computer;

j. Failure caused by virus, Trojan horse, malware, etc;

k. The operating system crashes, cannot be used normally or computer components are damaged due to improper use or careless operation (such as live plug-in, etc.) or the use of unqualified items (such as broken disks);

l. Machine failure caused by natural disasters (flood, fire, earthquake, lightning strike, typhoon, etc.), or force majeure of animals, pets, insects and other unexpected factors (such as collision);

m. Normal and reasonable consumption or damage (such as: natural consumption, wear and aging of shell and plug-in parts);

n. Other software system problems caused by quality problems of other non Shenzhou computer products and components, as well as host and component failure or damage.

3、 Notice to users

1. Data backup

It is recommended that you back up important information in the process of daily use and before each service to avoid loss. Shenzhou computer and its authorized service station will not be responsible for any data loss caused by any factors during your use or during the inspection and maintenance of Shenzhou computer.

2. Send for repair

In order to protect your rights and interests, you need to prepare a valid purchase invoice and San Bao certificate before repair, and clearly inform the product model, product serial number, and detailed failure phenomenon, so that the service personnel of Shenzhou computer and authorized service station can more accurately and quickly determine the cause of the failure.

Shenzhou computer and authorized service station do not accept individual accessories (such as battery, adapter, hard disk, CPU, etc.) for repair.

3. Maintenance operation

After receiving your faulty products, Shenzhou computer and authorized service station will inspect and repair as soon as possible, but the repair time will depend on the actual local material preparation.

Shenzhou computer and its authorized service station may use good parts of the same specification whose performance is not lower than the original faulty parts, or accessories with the same function and appearance as new products but have been used or re debugged.

4. Ownership of repair parts

Any one or more parts of the removed product accessories will be recovered by Shenzhou computer or Shenzhou authorized service station and have the ownership.

5. Warranty period of repair parts

If the service period of the parts repaired by Shenzhou computer and authorized service station is less than three months from the date of repair, the service period of the parts will be extended to three months from the date of repair; if the time from the date of repair to the end of the promised service period is more than three months, the service period of the parts shall still be implemented according to the original committed service period.

6. Shenzhou computer does not bear the costs (freight, transportation expenses, etc.) and risks of customers' taking and delivering products.

7. If the service commitment is lower than the national three guarantees standard, it shall be implemented according to the national Three Guarantees; if the service commitment is higher than the national three guarantees standard, it shall be implemented according to the service commitment.

8. The above terms are applicable to customers of Shenzhou computer products. Other customers who sign the contract, Shenzhou computer and authorized service station will implement according to the relevant terms of the contract.

9. Shenzhou computer reserves the right to interpret the above terms of service. Shenzhou computer reserves the right to modify the above terms without announcement.

4、 Service support mode

  • If you encounter problems in the process of use, you can refer to the user manual attached with the machine to find the answer;
  • You can visit the official website of Shenzhou computer: http://www.hasee.com for technical support information and troubleshooting of common problems;
  • From Monday to Sunday (08:00-18:00), you can call Shenzhou computer after-sales service hotline: 400-106-9999, and Shenzhou computer engineers can provide services for you.