Chrome, a different browser experience

This device will no longer receive updates because Google Chrome no longer supports your operating system.

 Notebooks and mobile devices that display the homepage of
 An enlarged view of the new tab in the Chrome browser window with chrome. com entered in its address bar.

Created by Google

Use Google's powerful functions to browse the web

Through Google applications such as Gmail, Google Pay, and Google Assistant, Chrome can help you stay productive and make full use of your browser.

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 Chrome browser window displaying the Google Privacy icon.

Safety first

Control your online security

Chrome is committed to protecting your online data and privacy. With easy-to-use privacy control settings, Chrome lets you customize the settings and browsing experience to your liking.

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 Chrome browser window that displays the "Google Production Tools" icon in dark mode.

Built in utility functions

Quick and easy to use browsing tool

From password checking, dark mode to Google address bar, Chrome can help you complete tasks and ensure online security.

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 Picture of the Chrome color and theme custom window.

Practical Browser Skills

Basic skills of Chrome

Use time-saving tips to synchronize Chrome across devices, master keyboard shortcuts, organize tabs, and perform other operations, so as to make full use of browser functions.

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Chrome can provide more functions

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