What is the selection of sesame whales with your detailed selection of sesame? How do you get the invitation code for sesame whale?


What is the project of the whale whale selection? Take you to analyze the secret of the sesame whale selection behind the scenes! If you are doing peanut diary, powder like life, high commission, red man dress and so on, it is better to open up the highest permissions of our platform to understand, in case our platform is better than them!!! (no case, we can do the best, do not believe, look down!!! Read the whole passage

DDoS tells us that there are many sorrows in this world, just because there is no money.


0x00 / years of operation and maintenance, attack from 05 years to start operation and maintenance has been 13 years ago, has done the forum, electricity providers, games, finance, live broadcast operations of these operations, live very complicated, what WebServer, Database, Netfilter, Docker, Xen, KVM, OpenVZ, Ceph, iSCSI, DN... Read the whole passage

Open source component: distributed cache ---Memcached


In the development of Web services, server side caching is a common way to improve service performance in service implementation. By caching part of the calculation results or frequently used data to avoid calculating or accessing the database again, thereby improving the efficiency of service operation. In addition to improving service efficiency, server side caching is often used to improve the scalability of services. So some large-scale W... Read the whole passage

[system architecture] what is load balancing?


Load balancing is a key component of the high availability network infrastructure. With load balancing, we usually deploy multiple application servers, and then distribute user requests to different servers through load balancing to improve the performance and reliability of websites, applications, databases or other services. Why should load balancing be introduced first to a w without load balancing mechanism? Read the whole passage

Free BTC coin tutorial collection


First of all, there may be some headlines under the title. Later, it will explain why a Facebook based on block chain is introduced, and the project page is illustrated. Introduction to iVery.one project iVery.one is a Facebook based on block chain, a social network that follows the rules of free market economy. Read the whole passage

Linux Advanced Skills: keepalived of server cluster


Keepalived is a high availability solution for WEB services based on VRRP protocol, which can be used to avoid single point failure. Use multiple nodes to install keepalived. Other nodes are used to provide real services. Similarly, they display a virtual IP externally. When the main server is down, the backup server will take over the virtual IP and continue to provide services. Read the whole passage

Learn the Linux awk command in 10 minutes.


Introduction awk is a powerful text analysis tool. Compared with grep lookup, sed's editing and awk are particularly powerful when analyzing data and generating reports. In short, awk reads files in rows, and uses spaces as the default delimiter to slice each row. Awk has 3 different versions: awk, nawk... Read the whole passage